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  1. Are you renewing for the 16-17 season?

    Yeah I mean obviously the STH price is below that face value you're seeing, but those Goal Bar seats are also somewhat unique. We talk a lot about them on HF, and I know someone familiar with the deal the Devils have with the broker selling those seats. I'll just say that the broker has those Goal Bar seats, and a lot of others around the arena, for a fraction of STH cost (along with stipulations that help the Devils out). We speculate it's a way for the Devils to undercut their own face value in order to get more fans to games who normally would balk at face value, while also attempting to control the secondary market since this broker has like 2k - 2.5k seats spread across nearly every section of the arena. But the Goal Bar seats are typically their best deal and they own a ton of them after the Devils relocated most of the Goal Bar STH. For anyone looking to get these deals, here's the source: You'll see all of those exact seats are typically listed on StubHub. I'd compare the two since buying directly from DreamTix may save you some money on fees.  
  2. Are you renewing for the 16-17 season?

    I renewed for next season, but may have to drop to 1 seat after this year so I can actually add to my savings lol.. Yeah I mean if you mainly want to go to weekday games, don't care too much to be at rivalry games, don't expect the team to make the playoffs, and don't care about some of the ancillary benefits/events of being an STH, then yes StubHub is still the best option and there's really no way the team can make a plan for those types of fans. That said, the StubHub Plan folks definitely got creamed over the holiday break as resale prices were well above STH prices. STH also got one hell of a deal for Marty Night, including the ability to buy extras. That obviously won't be the case next year unless Elias retires. You're definitely going the smarter route for young guys like us. I do sometimes think about all of the money I drop year after year Those Goal Bar seats you've been getting are the best deal in the arena. The Devils sold a bunch to broker DeamTix, and they've basically been dumping them on StubHub for most games.
  3. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Triangle Park appears to have passed the remaining hurdle and is tentatively set for a summer 2018 opening    
  4. GDT: Montreal Canadiens @ New Jersey Devils

    Gelinas just needs more ice time to develop and get experience, brah
  5. Food around the Rock

      And for anyone who hasn't been to Military Park since the renovation, it's really nice!!
  6. The arena is already fantastic and will be the home for, if not the rest of, our entire lives. But JVB was a couple years too soon of a few things: 1) Economy collapse. Ouch, lots of debt of the arena. But maybe it took a bubble to even get us a new building 2) Restaurant should be where the Goal Bar is and visa versa. A no-brainer here. Just terrible planning 3) Clubs on side that players enter. Why not reward your highest paying clients with this? 4) TV technology boom. Concourse screens and scoreboard could be so much cooler but things have gotten exponentially better since the arena was built. Oh well It's all good. The Rock is world class, and will be for a while. Owners are spending to make some necessary improvements and its awesome. Just wish they had been the ones to build the arena, but it is what it is and JVB should forever be applauded for putting in the blood, sweat, and tears it took to even get PruCenter. If these changes help us more, all power to them!
  7. Food around the Rock

    Burg is set to open soon-ish: Also to note: - They'll have 8 rotating "wine taps" Facebook page:
  8. Changes Coming to Devils MSG Broadcasts

    Really excited for the locker room camera footage. And we have a cool locker room too, why not show it off? Just really nice to see us have modern things for a change.
  9. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    Gelinas switching to #24. Sal's definitely retiring
  10. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

      I'm in favor, if that's how Ray wants to run his organization. The whole number thing was a Lou rule, but Lou is gone now to another team, so I see no reason to keep the policy. I'm sure players didn't totally care about it either way, but I'm also sure they would prefer whatever number they want.
  11. Zubrus to be bought out.

    msweet is probably hoping he doesn't move out of the area
  12. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Because it's been over 3 months since the last post here...    Blaze Pizza is opening up in Newark on Broad Street by Military Park/Prudential Tower   Anyone know of any other Newark news to share?
  13. 2015 NHL Off-season Thread

    Devils Summer Ice is back!|NJD|home July 1st @ 10pm: Jan. 6th win over Buffalo (Elias 600th goal, 1,000th point) July 22nd @ 10pm: Mar. 8th win over Philly (1995 celebration game) August 19th @ TBD: Apr. 3rd win over Montreal (KK makes 31 saves)
  14. RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

    Well it's obviously very sad to see Lou go, but I am kind of excited to see the franchise move in a new direction. But also happy to see Lou stay on and oversee everything
  15. 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

      "Bu.. bu.. but da Rainjaz is saposed ta win dis game. I mean, I paid all dis money ta be at da Gah-den, dey just can't have lawst. Betta go tweet about how dis one is on da refs, it's da only reason we eva looz."   BTW - is that Johnny Knoxville in the bottom right photo?