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  1. game 7 vs Carolina. Just because of the circumstances.
  2. it helps to have 30 something blocks from your defenseman too, just saying.
  3. rolston has been dreadful imo
  4. wowww we finally came back and won in regulation against someone and NOT against us haha
  5. seems like they're kinda trying to force it to kovalchuck even if he's not open...
  6. i almost drove off the road when i read this on my blackberry
  7. why break up zubs zajac and parise? and why play pandolfo so much..
  8. lol i was in 132 too, with the tall drunk screaming kid
  9. probably the worst picture of zach, ever haha
  10. chris neil to panthers, per thats all it says though..
  11. "are we sure this game is even live? It's the same Flyers vs Devils game I've seen for the last 14 years." made me laugh
  12. nice shot
  13. When i saw it last night I thought number one was going to be some BS basketball play, i was wrong.
  14. anyone else see henry smash his stick on the crossbar
  15. Greene should get that help from Robinson, Stevens and co. at some point, I think he could be a really good player at some point...just not right now..