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  1. GREAT DEAL on seats tonight

    I just called and the above deal is dead. They are now offering 2 tickets in the Mezz,two $10 food vouchers, and a set of bobbleheads for 120.
  2. Mystery Pucks Return!

    thanks for the quick replies. I'll probably try to get to the arena around 5 then. I really don't care which player I get, but a Brodeur would sure be nice
  3. Mystery Pucks Return!

    What time do people normally line up for this? I'm going to the 4/2 game and finally have a chance to get a puck
  4. Help improve the Rock

    Allow some outside food. They threw out my black and white cookie!
  5. Throwback jerseys are out!

    http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=26423 , That link provides a contact email and phone number. I'm not too sure how they handle outside orders, but It really shouldn't be a problem. It would be nice to represent the Red and Green out of the area!
  6. Throwback jerseys are out!

    No, unfortunately. Just the blanks, but it definitely beats 190. They also had the hats
  7. Green/White/Red devils jersey

    I mentioned this in the thread about the throwback jerseys, but the NHL store in NYC has them for $150. $40 less than the Devils Den. They also have the hats.
  8. Throwback jerseys are out!

    The NHL store in Manhattan has these jerseys for only $150. Just picked one up a few hours ago
  9. Time to break up ZZ Pops

    Might as well put Pandolfo on the first line also. It wouldn't make sense to break up the only bright spot the Devils have going for them at the moment. The ZZPops line is consistent and aggressive. The team will be in much better shape once Elias returns.
  10. WWE/TNA/ROH - Wrestling Thread

    Sup wrestling buddies! I was at HIAC also. I was sitting ringside right behind the announcers. It's been a goal of mine to score ringside seats to a WWE PPV basically just for souvenir chair; although, it does leave a pretty big hole in the ol wallet. It wasn't the most exciting of PPV, but it was decent. The match lineup was confusing. It still doesn't make sense why they started with Taker/Punk. I'm just happy Orton won the title. The crowd was great because it was full of smarks... except this one guy who tried to start a lets go rangers chant. I did not notice that catfight someone mentioned in another thread nor did I see Langs . Weird being at the rock for something other than a Devils game. BTW, I was at that Royal Rumble at MSG 2 years ago too!

    I just purchased my ticket through the college program. Section 102. Let's Go DEVILS!!!!
  12. Shanahan

    Whats wrong with Langenbrunner!? I'd go for Elias then..or be different and get an Andy Greene lol
  13. jerseys for sale

    Ebay is probably your best chance. I've seen a few of them up there recently.
  14. jerseys for sale

    Oh ok, thanks! I was always kinda curious why there were two different ones.
  15. Customization for my jersey

    I got my jersey customized with Langenbrunner at the Den before the (552) game against the Blackhawks. They charge 65 now, but I thought they did an excellent job.