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  1. The flames look so good its already 3-0 and 2-2 on powerplay and now has there 3rd.
  2. I hope so cuz then i can get his jersey then haha
  3. I am wondering what you guys think of Bergfors and do you think he will stay with the team or have to go down to Lowell.
  4. True. I just was cashing in on having saku cuz he is my favorite player in the league.
  5. I dont want him to leave at all, but if he does we r screwed i think anyway. Cuz lou just screwed up the best line we got with zz pop
  6. who do you guys think will be the 2nd center if zajac leaves?
  7. Ya i actually saw that on ESPN i was shocked at seeing it on ESPN haha. Y couldnt lou just get saku. we r so screwed if zajac walks away.
  8. Koivu to sign with ducks.
  9. Maybe hopefully its Saku cuz he is the man. He is my favorite player in the league.knowing my luck tho he will go to minny to be with his bro but thats alrite cuz i minny is my west team.
  10. I would like to see tedenby to but i just want lou to sign someone big haha
  11. Europe mystery man can be from jagr and or sergei. I would love to see brylin back in jersey.
  12. I hope we pick up SAKU. He is one of my favorite players.
  13. I have center ice with RCN and I get the all the playoffs didnt have to pay anything for it. I just had to pay the regular price at the start of the season. So I dont understand what you are trying to say. Plus, I live in PA.
  14. BU had a lucky goal to take the game today. It went off the glove of a NH defenseman. I cant stand BU.
  15. My fav are Randy McKay and Sergei Brylin.