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  1. Actually her other spins were pretty good. The one tonight was weak but its a higher power that is controlling that spin.
  2. Ahh the conspiracy theory again. Don't worry, Ducks fans heard about this against Dallas and Minnesota. Maybe if it is repeated enough times, people might actually believe the entire Disney buying off the NHL deal. Hell, I'm starting to believe it.
  3. On, they have a few guys like Panger, Melrose, etc list their top 5 playoff goaltending performance of all time. Guess what, Giguere 2003 made a few lists and he hasn't played a game in the final.
  4. So JS Giguere stopped Fedorov, Modano, and Gaborik cold. But then come into the final and fold like a deck of cards? You got to be kidding me.
  5. So it is cocky of me to say scoring on Giguere will be tough. But it is not cocky for Devils fans to say the same about Brodeur? Oh right...its about bragging rights.... And I've been following hockey since the mid 80s when the Flyers had Pelle Lindberg. I think I know a few things.
  6. It would be kind of silly to have a parade without the Stanley Cup wouldn't it?
  7. I love how Devils fans deflect things. Will it be tough to score on Brodeur and the Devils D? Sure. But will it be as equally tough to score on Giguere and the Ducks D? You bet your bottom dollar. The Devils haven't face anyone as good as Giguere or Turco as a matter of fact and we'll see how they hold things together.
  8. Weren't the Devils making a play for Rob Niedermayer at the deadline? I heard Lou wanted Niedermayer but the Ducks swooped in and offered Commodore and Damphousse.
  9. Don't worry boys, you'll find out how frustrating it is to play against Giguere and the Ducks soon enough.
  10. I heard the Devils were talking to the Flames about a Derek Morris-Petr Sykora deal. Bryan Murray came in and up the ante by offerring both Friesen and Tverdovsky.