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  1. Cammo isn't the problem. The problem is the team does not have any way to establish possession. That starts with defensive stops. Lovejoy should have his own thread, or Larsson. P.S. Shero sucks
  2. Deboer should give Salvador the rest of the season off......even tho he played a pretty decent game today.
  3. are these refs nba officials? pansy sh!t calls
  4. you know kovy was 5th in the league in points last year. right?
  5. y do they get the pp?
  6. kovy had a herniated disc in his back last year in the playoffs
  7. Parise is gonna be very average when he loses his step. so y do people care. you wanna pay him a little below 100 million and take that 7 million dollar cap hit for guy who isn't gonna be that good in 3-4 years? blessing in disguise
  8. salvador needs to lose his C and ice time.
  9. Ok i finally got a hold of Boston. Im playing a game with him now
  10. I've been trying to get a hold of both of them for the past 3 days but they don't even reply to my messages. They haven't played NHL in over 2 days
  11. I need to play the kings and Boston. Neither will reply back to my messages I send them. Getting really annoying. I'm not gonna lie
  12. I need to play LA and Boston. If there is gonna be a switch let's do it before the games get simulated
  13. Yes i will be on
  14. Im online for anyone who needs to play Carolina
  15. Sorry I got class till late