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  1. Deboer should give Salvador the rest of the season off......even tho he played a pretty decent game today.
  2. are these refs nba officials? pansy sh!t calls
  3. you know kovy was 5th in the league in points last year. right?
  4. y do they get the pp?
  5. kovy had a herniated disc in his back last year in the playoffs
  6. Parise is gonna be very average when he loses his step. so y do people care. you wanna pay him a little below 100 million and take that 7 million dollar cap hit for guy who isn't gonna be that good in 3-4 years? blessing in disguise
  7. salvador needs to lose his C and ice time.
  8. Ok i finally got a hold of Boston. Im playing a game with him now
  9. I've been trying to get a hold of both of them for the past 3 days but they don't even reply to my messages. They haven't played NHL in over 2 days
  10. I need to play the kings and Boston. Neither will reply back to my messages I send them. Getting really annoying. I'm not gonna lie
  11. I need to play LA and Boston. If there is gonna be a switch let's do it before the games get simulated
  12. Yes i will be on
  13. Im online for anyone who needs to play Carolina
  14. Sorry I got class till late
  15. Im Carolina, I can play you tonight but after 10. can you do that?