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  1. Chico

    I like the way you think. I was gonna make a thread on Wednesday night about my thoughts and breakdown of all the trades that went down. But because I was so viciously attacked I will NOT create that thread. It only takes a few to spoil it for the whole board. Bye for now.
  2. Chico

    Hey look a woman on a hockey board who wants to talk sports. Adorable!
  3. Chico

    I wasn't referring to the photo with the kids I meant the other one. Relax it was a joke.
  4. Chico

    The Devils, Cowboys, Yankees, and Duke Basketball. I smell a frontrunner
  5. Chico

    I don't know who you are but you have 6.41 posts a day!! Very impressive.
  6. Chico

    Devils fans aren't retards, nobody in their right mind could really enjoy this man. They like Chico because he's the Devils analyst. It doesn't matter who had that job because you sheep would just talk about how hilarious and smart he is.
  7. Chico

    Please don't tell me to STFU. I'm voicing my opinion and there is no reason to attack. I could come back and say something nasty about your personal photo with those 2 guys in it but I'll refrain.
  8. Chico

    I don't care about Tri and his posts. I know hockey and I watch alot of hockey. Bottom line is Chico is a joke. He's not funny, he's not good at his job, and he is downright annoying at times. Only Devils fans would like Chico because he's a Devils analyst but I guess thats all that matters. Are there any fans out there that didn't get douche chills when Chico was doing that kick dance during the Chico Eats segment? It's lame and anyone that doesn't realize how bad Chico is as an analyst is lost. Also, if Chico makes you laugh then you are probably the kind of person that enjoys watching Jay Leno. Corny as hell.
  9. Chico

    In the word's of Billy Crystal: It's not fun, it's not funny Since I'm here, I thought of something else that annoys me about Chico. If a player takes a puck or stick to the face Chico screams really loud, "OH NO"! I'm sitting at home thinking that the player lost an eye or broke his neck and it usually turns out to be nothing. Ridiculous.
  10. Chico

    I wanted this thread to die because I'm feeling bad about trashing Chico because he's such a nice man. But did anyone hear his horrible joke? Lupul just found a loophole in the defense. In his credit he did go on to say that was a bad line. Also, he said that this is the last game they'll be together before the trade deadline. The trade deadline is March 4th and they have a game Tuesday March 3rd against the Leafs. Is he missing the Leafs game or is he just clueless?
  11. Chico

    Listen I don't wanna get into name calling because you live in Iowa, you've suffered enough. I've already posted 12 color analysts who I think are better than Chico in a previous post. It's fine if you love listening to Chico's ramblings or his unfunny quips but you called him one of the best. That is why I said your post was a joke. If you wanna call him serviceable thats fine. But one of the best?? Not even close.
  12. Chico

    Nope it was Chico. I remember pointing it out to my brother at the time.
  13. Chico

    I think Mickey Redmond is the Wings guy and I didn't list him because Im not a huge fan of the Wings broadcast. He blatantly roots for the Wings but it doesn't have the charm of a Peter Mcnab. He almost sounds like a fan that was put in the booth sometime. The Sharks guy is Drew Remenda and I think he's pretty good and I don't find him weasel-y at all. He's insightful and not too homerish and at least he knows whats going on as far as on ice play. As where Chico seems lost. I'm not gonna keep repeating the same stuff. Most Devils fans seem to like Chico and he isn't going anywhere so enjoy him.
  14. Chico

    Posting your high GPA and big salary that seems to indicate you are lacking in other areas. I'm not sure what your salary has to do with your immense lack of hockey knowledge but post away, tiny.
  15. Chico

    says the kid who puts on a funny hat and takes a pic of himself. I guess you had to take a picture of yourself since all of your friends were busy.