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  1. If you're interested, on this weeks episode of Talking Red we interviewed the pxp guy for Swift Current. Talked about Reece Scarlett and Graham Black for about 20 minutes, you can download or stream it here: http://talkingred.com/2012/09/episode-86-one-week-into-the-lockout-and-interview-with-shawn-mullin/
  2. If anyone is interested, we did also post a podcast episode to explain all of our choices - http://talkingred.com/2012/08/episode-80-puck-daddys-summer-essential-series/
  3. As part of this weeks episode of Talking Red, we talked to Jared from Hockeys Future about the prospects. Talked about Wedgewood, Henrique, Merrill and a few other guys. If anyone is interested you can get the file here: http://talkingred.libsyn.com/episode-10 (direct download/stream link is there) or you can get it in the iTunes/Zune podcast marketplaces.
  4. we just put up another new episode http://talkingred.libsyn.com/webpage
  5. thanks! don't be afraid to email some questions in
  6. I just wanted to let everyone know that me and a few Devils friends started a new Devils podcast. I know it's not going to be as funny as puck nuts but people seem to think it's some good quality Devil Talk. You can check it out on iTunes ( itunes link ) or go to the blog site www.talkingred.libsyn.com. We have done 6 episodes so far, last 3 are on iTunes. Thanks for the support and feel free to email any questions, comments or critique to talkingred[@]gmail.cm
  7. http://www.ssncanada.ca/game/683/ Tedenby already scored 1 goal, it's at the first intermission right now. He blew right past his defender and cut in from a sharp angle on the left side and beat the goalie 5 hole (at least so it looked). Urbom has looked ok, a bit slow in my opinion and Josefeson has barely had a mention.
  8. when scotty comes home i don't think we'd have enough cap room for him anyway...
  9. he's not quite ready to be a third line player yet so it's definitely in his best interest to be in lowell. hopefully he comes back next year a bit stronger and will eventually be pandolfo's replacement.
  10. who gives a sh!t? it's october and they don't actually reflect real life standings
  11. ward wont be on that list next year when his 6.3 million per year contract kicks in
  12. thanks for the update, are there any sites online which have video highlights of the swedish league?
  13. the difference is that Neidermayer came in to play center (at least for the start of the season) and Shanahan doesn't play center.
  14. cherry's brought out another top outfit for opening night
  15. he scored but...he's playing toronto so i'm not going to act impressed yet and 1-1 now