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  1. Brodeur will start again Sunday against Flyers.

    This is great news! I was wondering this all day long. I jus got into Jersey yesterday and this will be my first game at the Rock so I'm stoked Marty wil be in net. LGD!
  2. How many game have you been to this season?

    I have been to one in Tampa against the Bolts, and will be at the game this Thursday against the Bolts in Tampa(currently living in Florida). I am also flying into Jersey on the 26th and will be going to the Dev's/Flyers game on 3/1. Can't wait, it will be my first time at the Rock!
  3. NJD Statue of Liberty Shirts @ the Rock!

    Awesome, thanks for the info. BTW: What good of restaurants are in or near the Rock? This will be my 1st time at the new arena and haven't been to Newark in about 10 years.
  4. NJD Statue of Liberty Shirts @ the Rock!

    Oh, so they sell them in the Devils Den at the Arena, right? If so hopefully they have them in by 3/1.
  5. Chico nominated for NY Emmy!!!

    Chico is alright. I wouldn't say he's a top 5 Color Comm, but I hear alot worse with the Center Ice Package. We should trade him to Phoenix for Darren Pang!
  6. I have only bought off Stuhub and never sold, but I have read some really bad storys with them. I have only had one semi bad experience with them where they charged me for tickets that weren't available, but they refunded me the money about 10 days later. Hopefully when I get my tickets in the mail monday for the Flyers game they're not scattered throughout the entire section
  7. Claude Lemieux relishing chance to face Devils Sunday

    Haha, I wish. The games would be alot cheaper to watch that way.
  8. Hoe does that work? I just actually bought 7 tickets for the 3/1 Devils/Flyers game and paid $60.00 a pop. The seats are up in 214 which I think are $30.00 seats? Then Stubhub put 10% on the total price after. I'm not complaining cause I waited to long to get the tickets, just curious cause it seems they're always way marked up. Does the seller get to put the price where they want?
  9. They're to busy inflating the price and trying to sell them on StubHub for a profit.
  10. Claude Lemieux relishing chance to face Devils Sunday

    IDK? Now that I think of it, it would be nice to see Scotty get 3 straight SO's.
  11. NJD Statue of Liberty Shirts @ the Rock!

    Hey, I will be flying into Jersey on the 26th of Feb, and will be at the Dev's/Flyers game on March 1st. Will they be available at the game that night or do I need to order them here? I love that T-shirt and want to pick up a few.
  12. Claude Lemieux relishing chance to face Devils Sunday

    Yes, late in the 3rd when they're down 4-0