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  1. This is driving me insane!
  2. I usually just come in with zero expectations. Especially with this team.
  3. What do people in here think of Eddie Olczyk(sp)?
  4. Alcohol and me don't mix well. I have yet to know what it's like to be drunk, and I'll think I will choose a better day than tomorrow night to be my first time. And yes, I really am 21.
  5. Where's Raycroft?
  6. My Parise jersey came in today!
  7. I actually did drink a lot of real kool-aid today. It's like 90 degrees outside!
  8. 17,625 Devils faithful at the rock!
  9. I know that. But why the Tarzan crap? I hope they don't start doing Jeff Hardy stuff next.
  10. Maybe the league is desperately trying to get a WSH/PIT 2nd round match up to spark the rivalry between the two teams. Did anybody ever confirm if Derian Hatcher did or did not bite Zajac last year?
  11. What does Tarzan have anything to do with North Carolina anyways?
  12. No team has been able to dominate in back-to-back games this series.
  13. Rolston has been horrible this year, and I did jumping jacks when we got him. He's been a huge disappointment, but I'm more than willing to give him a pass. I also initially liked the Zuburs signing, and I still like him as a player. However with that being said, I'd love for him to be off this team.
  14. We ain't dead yet!