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  1. locking myself in my room playing nhl 2010

  2. Martin Brodeur Day is June 18, 2009

    With a handle of vodka in hand, I will be the one with the black ski mask on... See you all there!

  4. OOT Scoreboard - Fri. 5/22. ECF & WCF - Round 3.

    Oh no Chicago......
  5. Kevin Smith plans to make movie version of Zevon hockey song

    Saw this a week ago, Kevin Smith is the man, he grew up 2 towns away from me
  6. Versus vs ESPN

    Oh yeah what about....ESPN 3....Hockey, Soccer (Futbol), and whatever sport that America will throw under the bus, yet they seem to be the only one not tainted by things such a steriods and whatnot...
  7. Versus vs ESPN

    I would vote both, if it was an option...get hockey back on a national level, so many people can even see the games on Versus because they don't get it. Also, I would LOVE to see ESPN revamp it's hockey analysis crew (Melrose and Barnaby) get some people who didn't play/coach the game so we don't have this bias bullsh!t every night from Barnaby...I can't even watch the hockey segments and it's really sad. If you don't get NHL network (like me) you hardly get any decent hockey coverage, you get the NHL Central on Versus after the games which really isn't quality at all, and sometimes MSG had "Hockey Night" which is good for Rangers fans since it's three bias Ranger fans ganging up on Dano... I don't know maybe it's just a dream of mine and many others for NHL to get big again like it seemed to be oh so many years ago.
  8. Mr.Vanderbeek listed as one of the best owners

    Good read and some good info, notice who has the highest winning percentage out of all these teams...
  9. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 5/11. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    Ok, I'm not going to lie and say I stopped watching hockey after the Devs got knocked out, simply because that would be absurd...but I didn't start watching closely until the end of this Caps/Pens game, it was addicting. I would watch games if they were on but would change the channel at commercials sometimes not even switching back. The Pens/Caps game had me really tuned in. It was sloppy, offensive minded hockey...something that I'm not accustom too, but it was really refreshing; I can't explain why. Now all I can think about is Wednesday night for game 7, (go Caps ) and I hope the game is as messy and has as many crazy bounces as game 6 did. I also watched the Hawks/Nucks, and that was another game with non-stop offensive action, 12 goals?....maybe this is what the NHL needs in the playoffs to gain more viewers, I mean I was hooked... I know this really doesn't have a point, but I needed to vent, I haven't had much to say the past 2 and a half weeks....
  10. OOT Scoreboard - Tues. 5/5. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    I've been playing hockey for 15 years...NOTHING, I mean NOTHING pisses me off more then what just happened to Detroit, even if I want the Duck to win this game, when the ref blows the whistle after losing sight of the puck is by far my biggest pet peeve.
  11. OOT Scoreboard - Tues. 5/5. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    I was going to get up before the 2nd period and before Scotty Nieds scored the 2nd goal and type, "I'm calling a Nieds FTW, mark it down," but I got lazy, and now I won't get the credit I deserve.
  12. Ovechkin the robot?

    Part 1 Part 2 I saw the preview for this, so I actually sat down and watched the whole thing (first time in a long time for anything ESPN puts out). One of the funniest interviews I've ever seen.
  13. Post Season Poll

    Scrap 'em all....
  14. Suicide Hotline.

    Anyone have a number or two for one?