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  1. Okay, so Parise's obviously gone...

    I guessed you missed the initial sarcasm of this post huh.
  2. Parise update: Team-elected arbitration looking likely

    That's really what I was looking for, so I appreciate the explanation. It's amazing how easy it is for some to use sarcasm hiding behind their keyboard.
  3. Parise update: Team-elected arbitration looking likely

    I only asked because the post above me mentioned a 12 or 15 year contract. I did not make it clear that I was responding to that post. Sorry.
  4. Parise update: Team-elected arbitration looking likely

    I thought after the Kovi contract max deals could only be up to 6 years. Is that wrong?
  5. GDT: Buffalo Sabres @New Jersey Devils 7:00 EST

    While I will admit that was pretty ugly, it seems a little early to call Kovy a failure in New Jersey. The whole team is struggling, cant put all the blame on him. Alot of people on this board seem to pile it on pretty heavy when things suck. My guess is if things were going better, they would be the same saying the kovy signing was the best thing ever.
  6. GDT: Nashville @ New Jersey 7:00 EST

    That was the first game in awhile that I didnt notice Nieds on the ice all the time. With Corrente up we didnt line match as much tonight. Also it seemed like Fraser got some ice time in the 3rd. I even noticed him on the penalty kill. Hell even Murphy seemed to play well.
  7. How soft does this team look?

    Rolston Pulling up on Pronger on Monday night pretty much sums up this team. This team neads more than just Clarkson.
  8. GDT: Devils @ Flyers

    It would be nice if we could just start skipping the second period. Loved watching Nieds just coast on back on that 1st goal.
  9. TSN reporting Souray is out with a broken hand. Probably from the fight with Jerome!
  10. Dion Phaneuf a D

    I have been a Phaneuf fan since he entered the league and watch quite a few Flames games. I must say his play in his own zone this year has looked pretty bad on average. The last couple of games he has startd to look much better, taking better shots, working harder in his zone. I would love to see him as a Devil but the 6.5 million price tag does seem a little steep for what might be a gamble. The Flames do seem to need immediate scoring and who do we have to offer them?
  11. GDT: 1/23/10 NJ Devils at NY Isles 7:00 EST

    First shot in the second and a goal!!!!
  12. GDT: 1/23/10 NJ Devils at NY Isles 7:00 EST

    Just got in and missed the first period. Devs look horrible in the second. They are moving in slow motion.

    Livin in Colorado, I don't get to see the Devs live to often. My buddy works for the Pepsi center and got me into their practice yesterday. Also got me tickets bottom section behind Marty. Pretty excited for the game. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  14. Get Pandawful off the Devils

    I thought Andy Greene and Colin White had worse games. White could'nt stay on his feet and Greene did his share of standing around on the first 2 goals. Not a good effort by the entire team and Chicago was flying. I had to turn the game off after Madden's goal.
  15. Tips, suggestions for attending game in Buffalo?

    My parents always go to the Anchor Bar When they go watch the Sabres. I believe they were the inventors of the Buffalo wings.