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  1. i would have to say Ken Danyeko or Chris Terreri (sorry can't spell) lol. they were the best i loved chris because he was an awesome goalie and ken what can i say awesome fights and an awesome team player
  2. we def can't use Flame because it will make it sound like calgary and the rangers will mock us just like someone said in this forum. Horns just doesn't go because it will be mocked as well.. i was thinking of something along the lines of : "bring the heat" - on the front and have on the back: "the nasty red and black are back!" or vice versa
  3. who cares the rangers suck and who cares it lightens up our spirits after a game because even tho we aren't doing that great. I have been a real fan since i was born and always will be and its our thing to say that the rangers suck just like the flyers suck but who cares its ur choice to say it. if you don't want to say it then thats ur choice but others will say it not matter how drunk we are.
  4. thanks! hope to see everyone there!
  5. another question is: is the $10 for one autograph or for whatever stuff u want signed?
  6. can we bring stuff for him to sign? like jerseys, pics? --i know thats a stupid question