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  1. (Not Just Summer) Concerts!

    Im going to see Phish, which Im kind of embarrassed about, but whatever - I liked them when I was 14 hahaha. Also the girl and I are seeing Metric in phila, Im not a 'fan' but she likes them - So somehow ive wrangled myself into going to the consummate 'wookie' and 'hipster' shows of the summer, respectively..hahaha. Should be fun on both counts though.
  2. City Gardens - Butthole Surfers

    'you must be six years old' THATS COMEDY GOLD RIGHT THERE. Wheeeew!! When are you gonna be at stress factory, dude?
  3. Official 2009 NFL Off-season Thread

  4. City Gardens - Butthole Surfers

    Yeah, too bad I was like 5 years old for that show, sounds like my cup of tea.
  5. City Gardens - Butthole Surfers

    This is an insane recount of when the Butthole Surfers played City Gardens in Trenton. http://therumpus.net/2009/03/how-did-it-comes-to-this/ Mickey Ween: A security guard came onstage and Gibby threw the alcohol on him. The dude just started backing away, it was clear that Gibby probably would set him on fire. And now, knowing Gibby like I do, it was definitely within the realm of possibility. Mark Pesetsky: And Gibby just gave me that psycho look with the Charles Manson eyes. He grabs a bottle of the rubbing alcohol and throws it on me and then starts walking towards me with a lighter. And John, the other bouncer, just jumps offstage. It was every man for himself at that point. Gibby Haynes: Oh yeah, I do remember that. I mean, I
  6. Brodeur won't start vs. Lightning

    That you like it in yours? ooohhh! (andrew dice clay voice)
  7. Brodeur won't start vs. Lightning

    Well when someone says something idiotic, Im going to point that out. Why dont you explain to everyone how having an assistant coach be hc for a game is more significant than starting a different goalie.
  8. Rangers Suck Chant

    To be totally honest, I always bitch about how stupid it is that we do this chant while playing other teams
  9. Lockerroom shakeup for New Jersey Devils

    I have yet to read one remotely intelligent or informed comment from you.
  10. Brodeur won't start vs. Lightning

    You're about as sharp as a bowling ball.
  11. When LeBron met Ovechkin

    Arent we trading Rolston for him?
  12. GDT: 4/1/09 New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburgh Penguins

    You have earned the least clever poster of the year award. Offensively unfunny.
  13. Brodeur won't start vs. Lightning

    Well, because changing your starting goalie has a massively larger impact on a team than letting your assistant coach, who draws up the plays anyway, be head coach for a game. Thats why, my little girl.
  14. Official 2009 NFL Off-season Thread

    Im not the biggest Cutler fan - but he is infinitely better than Grossman - and i dont know if you noticed, but the Bears played Orton last year. Cutler is a top 5 QB in terms of talent.
  15. Official 2009 NFL Off-season Thread

    Im a niners fan - and I knew Singletary wasnt having any of that whiny garbage on his squad.