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  1. Thank you for all the feeds pizza! The 10-11 season would've been awful in Albany if it wasn't for you. Cheers
  2. From Queens NY, almost get spit on every bar i walk into when i rock my red
  3. I always thought of Sham 69's Hurry Up England as a perfect tune for playoff hockey Come on Come on Hurry Up Devils Come On......Weeeeee're gonna win the Cup---Chorus We got a blinding team full of quality Adam henrique and still Marty It's been 9 years since 2003 So let's go and win it in MSG Chorus So listen here Jersey cause we're gonna win the cup Cause you know what you're doing so let's just wrap it up I wish'd you listen to me We've got Parise clarky and Patty chorus There's devils here in jersey Yes Devil's who you are There'll be no great escape There'll be no bridge to far So come on lads sing with me Let them hear you at MSG chorus **just a thought lol
  4. Anybody have a feed to the game tonight. I'm in albany and they show Sabres over Devils on MSG. It's a sin
  5. Defiantly an exageration because everyone knows the future face of this franchise is Parise. Lou needs to lock him down next