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  1. Anyone else get redirected to the maple leaf's site when trying to goto I find it humorous but slightly annoying.
  2. ok, first let me begin by saying, I really really dislike, Roy. I have always thought he was an arrogant arse. I never liked his style, or the teams he played for. However, I will say He has had more BIG game wins than Marty, and taken his teams solely on his back when they had no one else to rely on. That said, I dont think Roy was as consistant a goalie as Marty has been. whats it up to now? 9- 30+ win seasons, and 5- 40+ win seasons, 3 stanley cups? I mean, what other goalie has been that consistant day in and day out. Can Marty steal us a game here and there?...sure he can...can he steal us an entire series in the playoffs?...Im not so sure. Greatest goalie ever will continue to be Roy until Marty can show he can win the big games day in and day out.(that means winning in OT too...hehe) Not just be the most consistant goalie in the league.
  3. KENTUCKY MINT JULEPS 4 c. water 2 c. sugar 4 c. loosely packed fresh mint leaves, chopped 4 c. bourbon Crushed ice Fresh mint leaves Combine water and sugar in a medium saucepan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and cook for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to low, add chopped mint leaves and simmer 30 minutes. Let syrup stand at room temperature overnight. Strain. Fill julep cups with crushed ice. Combine bourbon and mint syrup; pour over ice. Garnish with mint. Yields 7 1/2 cups. Thats family recipe that my Grams uses to make em from scratch. Of course you can find mint syrup and just use that. The better the bourbon the better the mint julip...hehe
  4. I guess the biggest problem is that, other than Muhammed Ali, the only thing Louisville is known for is the Derby. Well, thats not true, I guess Louisville Slugger is another fairly decent icon that others know of. However, all that being is the 132 official running of the derby. Thats a pretty LONG heritage. In any case, I think that people that visit and and here from out of town find it way more interesting than most of us who live here. Those of us who live here see it as a real pain in the arse. Traffic is bad, gas prices go up (yes even more) and the week long myriad of derby stuff is annoying at best. Although, the steamboat race on the Ohio river is always kinda humorous. everything ends with the running of the derby, which in fact sometimes isnt the most exciting race that day. Im not sure if everyone knows but there is a TON of horse races that go on all day long. Thats partly what the local channel covers all day...the other part is the stupid hats, finding celebrities, and showing everyone at home how to make a Mint Julip (AGAIN). every year it seems the same to me. anyways, I guess Im done ranting. If I think of more though, Ill let you all know...heh PS- if anyone here loves the derby thats great, I meant no offense...hehe
  5. At least NBC is showing it where you live. In good ole Louisville, Kentucky its Derby coverage 24/7 The darn local affiliate here has to start at 6am with derby coverage and continue straight through til 10 or so tonite. So, no hockey for me, unless they show it on some other cable channel, but Im not gonna hold my breath. I guess Ill just hop over to and listen to the radio broadcast.
  6. Isnt it just the same old story? 3 stanely cups, all star games, gold medals, and now the Norris trophy...whats next you ask? Doesnt it always come back to that?. "Now that I have fullfilled my dreams and won trophies, its time to work on my portfolio" I hate to make it sound so...blunt. But, in today's era of sports, any sports, its all about the money and the shoe(skate) contract. Then again, what do I know? In KY some of the greatest atheletes still turn up at the glue factory when they're retired. And yes, Im talking horses.
  7. If ole Lance wins the tour this year, and breaks the can bet we'll see his name again next year as athelete of the year. Although from an NFL perspective, its nice to see the Saints get some recognition...that was a pretty good play.
  8. This is a good point....are they using just the US ratings? If so, the horrible drop in rating could easily be explained. Afterall only die-hard fans and people in Tampa from the US are even watching the games. However, most of Canada Im sure is tuning in. If they included Canadian ratings I imagine tonites game will be through the roof. But again, thats just my opinion, I could be wrong
  9. With each passing week this story just gets more and more bizarre. Soliciting other players to pay for a different lawyer? Thats ridiculous. It sounds to be that Frost obviously doesnt agree with how this lawyer is handling things and wants a lawyer that he could control a little better. just so...bizarre
  10. well I have to answer no to all of them except one... I have been to an away game in Nashville....Lord I hate kentucky.
  11. I say we blame Kentucky! This state sucks and would rather watch a 2 min horse race than a great 60 min hockey game. I honestly believe that if a lockout happens its both sides we should blame. I mean, surely there is a compromise to be made somewhere. Sure, the players may not get everything they want, but make it so the owners dont either. they can see where the middle is, its just neither one of them want to go there. Im so upset about all this lockout nonesense Im thinking of redoing my hockey room. Making into a...I dunno...a quitling room for my wife or something....
  12. Calgary Defensemen Denis Gauthier (lower body) and Toni Lydman (upper body) are sidelined indefinitely. Center Dean McAmmond (back) is sidelined indefinitely. Center Steven Reinprecht (left shoulder) will miss the remainder of the season. Philadelphia Defensemen Eric Desjardins (forearm) and Marcus Ragnarsson (broken finger) are expected to miss the remainder of the season. Center Claude Lapointe (NHL suspension) is sidelined indefinitely. San Jose Left wing Marco Sturm (ankle) is sidelined indefinitely. Tampa Bay Defenseman Jassen Cullimore (wrist) is day-to-day. Updated May 14th at 12:45 PM
  13. I imagine, Frost will now come out and say this too is a lie. That he can see Danton anytime he wants to. They want to have Danton see a shrink, I think perhaps Frost needs to see one too.
  14. I truly believe after hearing Dantons lawyers motion that they want as much contact between Frost and Danton. Its really quite the ploy. They wish to prove that Frost is the real villian. Which I think most of us here would agree that he is. In order to prove it I suspect the more contact the two have during all this mess, the easier it will be to prove. It is VERY odd that the FBI hasnt given a motion forth to keep Frost from danton. Maybe they too see who is the real villian and wish to help the defense? This is turning out to be a very interesting case. If not a TV movie, you can bet Law and Order will be doing one like this...such an odd world we live in.
  15. I also find it odd that they consider showing support for the war in Iraq provocative. I admit I dont get to see any Canadian TV where Im from. But any statement like that will win Cherry supporters in the US, and make the CBC look silly.