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  1. There was zero risk signing Lovejoy because you know exactly what you'd get: this. Schlemko might actually have earned his contract.
  2. *looks up home/away record* The team should consider bringing him on the road.
  3. Lou would've acquired a proven goalie.
  4. Entirely possible that he has taken a step back but I'm not going to bet on it just yet.
  5. He's good and not a problem. If you want him out it's basically Jeff Petry and the Oilers all over again.
  6. I would like to keep all of them unless we're trading them for better players? This is a nonsense poll.
  7. If they mess with the logo I'll rage. I can hande (but won't like) pretty much everything else.
  8. They keep hosting them because they make a ton of money from tickets and merch.
  9. Then you can link said report. I've read the Friedman piece where he says they talked about Gelinas and Merrill, but not in exchange for Hall, which is very different.
  10. I have never seen this reported anywhere?
  11. Colorado wants defensemen most likely.
  12. Goddamnit I totally missed that. Sorry.
  13. Putting Henrique on the bottom two lines will surely make other teams want him...
  14. His scoring comes and goes, as it does for just about every player. But he's been this way for years and years.