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  1. Shoulda taken that bet.
  2. Do tell why women don't belong. Full disclosure, I didn't think she was very good. But that had nothing to do with her gender.
  3. Anecdotal, but 2nd periods can be weird (long change).
  4. As 95% of all men know, the power and ability to properly analyze hockey is located in the pecker.
  5. I'd wager just about all of the euro scouts are there. I'd bet one of Shero or Fitzgerald was there for the group stage too (I guess one/both are at the Memorial Cup now). In 2017, getting eyeballs on these players isn't the issue.
  6. What I like about Nico, especially, is that his great skating and transition play (along with all the other good bits) would be a real help for the defense. NJ struggles mightily to transition the puck. We're all assuming the defense will be addressed but I'm not superconfident the guy who signed Ben Lovejoy to 3 years and 8 million, will make all the right moves. One of the main reasons why Taylor Hall has been so productive and had such a great impact on teams with terrible defense is his ability to transition the puck, by himself, with frequency. Conceivably, Devils could have Hall, McLeod and Hischier, all possibly great transition players, on separate lines next year which would help immensely.
  7. If you are a projected 1st overall pick your agency will have provided you with those things. I'd be shocked if he's currently lacking any of that.
  8. I don't know what highlight pack you were watching, but Nico continuously carries the puck all the way from DZ to OZ, strips opponents of the puck etc.
  9. Yes.
  10. Nashville can protect 8 skaters, regardless of position. They almost certainly will protect their top 4 on D. Or they will go 7F3D and pay VGK to not take the dman they do not protect.
  11. There was a report about his asking price being 5.5-6m. I doubt he'll get 6m but I can certainly see him getting 5x5 which would be a disaster. He suppresses shots fairly well (middle pairing-level) but he is a black hole as far as offense goes. He'll be a third pairing dman before you know it.
  12. I'd let Nico carry his own line. Spread the wealth.
  13. Karl Alzner would/will be a terrible signing.
  14. It's #officially #on.
  15. They most likely have a handful of guys there.