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  1. They're getting snarky in Toronto (article)

    Cathal Kelly is a hack.
  2. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Pretty sure there are even 3? 3, 10, 20.
  3. World Cup of Hockey

    I'm looking forward to it a lot, gonna try to go to one of the training camp games over here. Not bothered by the Young Stars or European team...I just wanna see high quality hockey. 
  4. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    So weird. Some thought he looked like he was concussed on the hit and "not all there", hence the hit. But...I don't know. 
  5. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I absolutely love Hoffman, but I don't know how much or how long I'd be willing to go. 
  6. 2016 Draft

    112 points in 59 games.
  7. GDT: Devils @ Mickey Mouse Org 2PM MSG+

    You are way too hung up on individual games and not the big picture, which is why these things don't make sense for you. The focus is on 5v5 because 75% of leaguewide goals are scored in that game state.
  8. Streisand effect.
  9. Farnham suspended four games

    4 games is too little for that type of crap.
  10. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    Tlusty-Zajac-Palmieri; Kalinin-Henrique-Stempniak; Matteau-O'Brien-Thompson; Farnham-Gionta-Tootoo   That bottom six is amazing.
  11. The Devils Need A Center Right Now

    Zajac had 25 last season. Stempniak has hit 20/45 once - 10 years ago. Both are 30+ and we're not talking about wine here. Yeah, rates make Stempniak look better but Zajac goes the opposite route. What you're saying about them simply isn't true.  The Devils forward core this season shakes out something like this 5v5: 1 guy producing at a good 1st line rate (Cammalleri) 1 low end 1st liner (Henrique) 1 2nd liner (Farnham, likely to keep it up...ha...ha..) 2 3rd liners (Palmieri, Stempniak) 2 4th (Zajac, Elias) And the rest are sub-replacement in scoring. This team needs scoring throughout the lineup. No part or line is fine.    
  12. The Devils Need A Center Right Now

    I think Edmonton would like a more established defenseman for RNH than Severson. But maybe there's a fit there. 
  13. Adam Larsson is a Top Defensemen

    He really started turning it around when I bought his jersey. Glad I could have such a big impact on the team.
  14. 15-16 WJC Thread

    Some of the best drama I've seen in years.
  15. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Yeah. If you use some of the statistical similary apps, they show up as comparables to eachother. Difference for WPG was that Myers' contract is structured so they're paying less than his AAV in the coming years.