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  1. just got VIP tickets to the Andy Greene signing!

  2. this signing hasn't been cancelled.
  3. bought my ticket for this today. not happy about the price, but this is on my birthday.. but i would probably pay it anyway. Zach's such a great guy
  4. i'd never switch Langers out of the ZZ-POPS line.
  5. It looks like with Jamie out for at least these next two games that we really have it covered. I think Rolston was an excellent choice. I also agree about keeping Parise and Elias separate. Guess we'll have to see how tonight's game goes!
  6. i definitley don't think so.
  7. oh boy. :(
  8. not sure if as we get closer they'll stop with these, but I'd really love to go whether theres a discount involved or not. just makes it a bit easier on the wallet.
  9. 101 row 9
  10. how do we submit a picture?
  11. i'd say thats one of my favorites
  12. what about bringing people up from the Lowell Devils?
  13. I understand that not all of the players will participate in the final game of the season due to rest. I was wondering if that is the only game that the full line up will have a drastic change. If I wanted to attend the game on April 7th, do I need to worry about many players being put on rest already? thanks!
  14. does anyone know if we're allowed to take pictures with him? that'd be pretty cool.