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  1. 18 Road Runners willing Replacements

    Two comments... The NHLPA is NOT a union. It is a player's association. In Quebec, and arguably British Columbia, the courts have recognized it is not an union, so using replacement players would not be the issue some have said. Secondly... anyone who is in a union where the average salary is $13,000 and they support a union's demands where the union's average salary is $1.8 million -- 150 times as much -- for doing the same thing.... if that person sides with the NHLPA, then he truly is clueless, if you ask me.
  2. Bettman: "It was all a pack of lies"

    I watched this today on YES, and I agree with what Bettman is saying. I'm no Bettman fan, but he's clearly vastly superior to Bob Nogoodenow.

    The proposal was fair to the players, but the owners were still not being fair to the fans. The $32-42 million range is far too high -- we need a range of something like $20-30 million in order to get ticket prices down, and that's what's needed. The fact that the NHLPA rejected this totally disgusts me. The owners' next offer had better be lower than this one -- maybe then the NHLPA would get their head out of their backsides.....???
  4. Shanahan organizes 'state-of-hockey' meeting

    I commend Shanahan for doing this -- the game of hockey is indeed in deep trouble, with declining TV ratings in most of the U.S., safety netting that obscures high-priced seats, and the labor stoppage. I think it's time someone stepped up to the plate and tried to do something about these problems -- perhaps this is at least a start!
  5. It's lockout night in Canada

    Yeah, I went to a San Diego Chargers game the other day, and when we went to a beer stand, the woman working there hadn't been aware of the NHL lockout. She wanted to know if that was the league San Diego was in, because they got two free tickets to a game.
  6. Bettman fines Kings owner Leiweke

    The only thing I would add is Leiweke is not actually the owner -- the owner is Phil Anschutz, who owns roughly half of the United States. (slight exaggeration)
  7. why do so many people hate gary bettman?

    All of this... plus the number one reason... safety netting. I'll never forgive him for forcing that upon us, no matter how long I live.
  8. Forget the fans! Look what the lockout is doing to

    And here I hoped it meant those %$%$#^* nets above the glass would be gone!
  9. NHL, NHLPA end 19 hours of talks

    Well, as a fan, I'll be very upset if the NHL plays again without a salary cap -- it's time to stop the escalating salaries and resulting ticket prices. MLB teams get about $70 million each from TV contracts. NHL teams get $6 million. Yet, the average salary is not that far apart. Wonder why it costs $60 for the NHL seat I sit in, and just $6 for the MLB ticket? Get your head out of your you-know-what, players union -- accept that average $1.3 million salary!!!
  10. NHL owners pondering new league

    You know, I've talked with several people about this idea in recent months, and was kind of excited to read the article saying it's a possibility. As someone living in Southern California, it might mean one team and not two in the area, but with the current state of the NHL, I'm ready to start the league all over again. It's not just the CBA, in fact, that's not the main issue. The biggest issue by far, the one that's had me on the verge of walking away from the game I grew up with and have loved for all of my life, is the safety netting. I simply can't see through it. I've tried tinted glasses, watched through different nets, sat low and high, and nothing works. Getting side seats is now virtually impossible for anyone who didn't have them before the netting, as everyone has moved their seats there -- and as someone who hasn't lived here that long, I didn't have great priority. I did manage to get some lower level seats where the netting isn't a factor, but they're 2 to 3 times what I paid for seats before the netting was up. Is the cost worth it? I don't know. Actually, I do -- it isn't. I haven't enjoyed the action I've seen recently -- the officiating has been awful since the two-ref system, most games lack action and passion, and for all of this, I'm paying more than double what equivalent NBA tickets are in SoCal -- and the NBA, not the NHL, is the popular sport out here. I've discussed this with my parents, who date back well into the Original Six days, and both are so disgusted with the players' refusal to accept a salary cap that might limit most fans' season ticket investment to, say, 5-10% of their annual income (a ridiculous amount, but that's what the tickets cost), they say they might never be able to actually cheer for these guys again. And, I'm afraid, I'm not far behind. A new league? Absolutely -- show the players that they can't have owners and fans by the you-know-whats -- show them that they'll have to tough it out for an average of $1.3 million a year.
  11. WHA offer rejected by Crosby

    So Crosby passed up the "What Hockey Association" for a chance to play in the "Not-playing-anytime-soon Hockey League". Why wouldn't the WHA offer a one-year contract, which Crosby likely would have accepted... and if the NHL really is on strike for a year-plus, they'd have a great shot at keeping him and perhaps taking over some of the NHL's prestige.
  12. World Cup TV Schedule

    Am I correct in understanding that Canada vs Russia, one of the marquee games, is NOT on TV? Unbelievable.........
  13. NHLPA: No hockey for at least a year

    Why can't the owners just deal with players outside the union, or more likely, in a new union? After all, in reality, the owners are being MORE than fair with the players, and it doesn't seem right that the players are being allowed to completly obliterate the game in the United States because they feel a $1.5 million average salary is inadequate. Out here in California, we had a grocery store strike for several months, dealing with people making $20-50,000 a year in a place where the average house is over half a million dollars. NHL players (the ones who won't agree to a salary cap, something that should be required in all sports in my opinion!), you should be completely ashamed of your demands when there are real people, real unions with real issues out there. Guess what? Even the grocery store workers ended up back at work in a lot less time than the NHL players are vowing to be off work. If this strike lasts a year, then this life-long, die-hard fan who lives and breathes hockey might consider not attending another NHL game -- and I don't know anyone who loves and lives hockey more than I do. But I'll look to minor leagues, other sports, whatever, before I can support players who absolutely refuse a more than reasonable salary cap. The exception?? If those players pay for my $6,000 a year pair of tickets that I can't afford. Why are they so expensive? Their salaries. So if their salaries aren't causing problems, then I invite them to pay my tickets -- because reasonable ticket prices and reasonable salaries are something that should be expected and demanded by the fans. I hope the players get booed during the World Cup -- that is what they deserve!!
  14. Hockey News 2005-05 Yearbook

    Ugh!!!! The pains of being a Hockey News west coast subscriber -- I haven't seen any sign of the yearbook yet. Then again, I hear people on here talking about articles in The Hockey News, and my magazine doesn't arrive for two weeks after that -- FRUSTRATING!!!!
  15. Refs can't afford lockout - Toronto Star

    I saw Fraser's son in several USHL (junior) games a few years ago... as a 21-year-old rookie ref, the players voted him to be the ref for the all-star game. He was clearly the league's best ref (and there were several good ones that year), and I see him being every bit as good as Kerry Fraser.