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  1. Game Day Poster - Collection

    My 4th and final poster for the season. At the game now... Maybe they can squeak one out for me.
  2. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Thank you so much guys. This is my personal favorite I've done so far. I've got at least one more but retro stuff like this is my favorite and I'm not sure I'll be able to top it. Unfortunately and additionally, I'm straight up bad luck and my game day posters are now 0-3. I'll just show myself the door. :/
  3. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Cause I drew it.
  4. Game Day Poster - Collection

    It's a tribute to vintage Jersey diner signs and Atlantic City.
  5. Game Day Poster - Collection

  6. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Working with them has actually been really fun and pretty much smooth sailing. They really haven't turned down a single concept I've submitted. They've only had minor tweaks and I think most for logistic/legal/PR reasons. And having my art critiqued and ripped apart (online especially) is part of being an artist. You just have to be able take the good, bad and the ugly. If you let it get to you it can really hurt so I try and let it roll off me if it isn't constructive. This particular design was a homage to the Dark Knight Rises poster with Bane walking away from the broken Batman mask and I had the quote from Bane, "Speak of the Devil and he shall appear" which I thought was SO fitting for a NJD poster. I think it worked so much better and really balanced out the overall design. I think they wanted to steer clear of that cause it might been too intense or perhaps too religious? But that's really only my opinion and I couldn't tell you for sure.
  7. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Thanks, I appreciate the thoughts. This stuff helps in the creative process. It was a bit of a rush job which is no one's fault but my own and I do think my previous one was definitely better. This one had a tag line at the top which I think really rounded out the design but in the end they asked me to remove it. I have one coming out next week that I think blows this one away. It's very different then anything I've done so far and I'm almost positive will be more popular even if the game/opponent/time of the year aren't ideal.
  8. Game Day Poster - Collection

    I did tonight's poster for the game vs the Sens. I've got another one in the pipeline coming up real quick.
  9. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Yup, I'm the artist. I can't really get into too much detail about revisions but I can tell you that the NJ Devil HAS to look like the NJ Devil. You can't really stray from his look (like making him look angry and violent). Below is the original concept and then the revised concept.
  10. Game Day Poster - Collection

    In the original concept the Devil was wearing a crown and the thrown was on top of a lion skin rug (Baily, the Kings mascot is a lion) but I was told both had to be removed.
  11. Vegas on the verge

    From a design stand point, it really is a cheap shot to quickly alter a logo and claim it's superior then the original. You really never know how much work and research goes into creating that logo. I really don't mind this one but it's nothing spectacular either. I really dig the "V" for Vegas as the opening in the helmet. That being said, if your team name has the word "GOLDEN" in it, can you please make it GOLD colored and not a rustic, subdued, almost tan color? The colors are just kinda drab and when you think of Las Vegas, bright and vibrant colors come to mind. This reminds me of the "Vegas Gold" that Pittsburgh used for all those years that was a pale gold color (ironically enough, "Vegas Gold" was the actual name of the color) . Look how much more striking the Pens jerseys are now with the bright yellow, putting aside the actual design and nostalgia factor. Anyways, wish they would brighten those colors up. Who knows, maybe it'll look more dynamic on the jersey they end up with.
  12. Game Day Poster - Collection

    11/12/2016 Buffalo vs. New Jersey
  13. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Something like that...
  14. Game Day Poster - Collection

    When I originally started this thread I said that I couldn't share any work I'm doing for the poster campaign. Well it looks like I can, sort of. I thought you guys might like to see a quick concept that was ultimately passed on in favor of a different one. I won't go into the details of why the concept was passed over but just giving you a peek at what goes into the process. Enjoy...
  15. Game Day Poster - Collection

    11/8/2016 Carolina vs. New Jersey I do have a soft spot for propaganda style posters, especially in a limited color palette so I kinda dig this one.