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  1. Pretty even mix of fans. I live in Monmouth county.
  2. I've heard of all of these but that one. Couldn't find anything online about it. What's that one about? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. This is the FIRST thing that came to my mind when I saw the announcement. In case you don't get the context or didn't watch The Office, at one point in the show they decided to have "co-managers" and let's just say it didn't work out.
  4. She was fantastic! Get set of lungs she's got there. Could really (and beautifully) belt it out.
  5. But that's not 4 rows from the ice. Not that I'm not uber grateful to win 2 free tickets. Going to a game is pricey so I'm just happy to get free tickets and enjoy seeing the Devils.
  6. That would be awesome to be that close but isn't sec 105 in the upper balcony behind the net?
  7. I just won Hugh Weber's president tickets to tonights game. Anyone know where the seats usually are?
  8. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the subject. I'll use a specific example: Brunner v Ryder I like both players and what they bring (when they are playing well that is) but why does Brunner get scratched and Ryder doesn't? I mean I'm not coaching and I don't see/know all the intangibles each player brings. But when Ryder goes 20+ without scoring he's called "streaky" and that's it but when Brunner goes 10 or less without scoring, he's scratched. They were both brought in to score so I sort of get it. Now Ryder isn't exactly a defensive monolith (nor is Brunner by any means) but I think I'd prefer a speedy non scoring Brunner over a sluggish non scoring Ryder (is it me or does Ryder look lost sometimes?). Again, by no means is this a knock against either player, just more of a conversation starter. Is it just a case of PD favoring vets more then anything else because I know he certainly does that and had a rep of mishandling the younger guys. Is Brunner that bad on D? Am I missing something? Thoughts?
  9. Oh man. I can't remember the last time I genuinely laughed so hard at something I read online. Good stuff. Phew, now I need to catch my breath from laughing so hard.
  10. I actually voted for "Hey Man Nice Shot" by FIlter (right when the chorus kicks in). I like it but it's probably not for everyone.
  11. While still in shock and will miss his style of play immensely and what he brought to this team, I share almost the identical thoughts and feelings as you. Well put!
  12. There should be more rational people like you on the internet. I dig your style. I could not agree more. It's really fun to get excited about any deals, especially when it effects the Devils. All we can do is sit back, (try to) relax and enjoy the show because that is all this is. A big fun show!
  13. Patrik Elias----------- 84 Ilya Kovalchuk------ 78 (+1) Andy Greene---------- 29 Dainius Zubrus-------- 27 Martin Brodeur-------- 27 (-1) Adam Henrique--------- 20 Adam Larsson--------- 11 Eliminated! Bryce Salvador Anton Volchenkov Krys Barch Johan Hedberg Harri Pesonen Tom Kostopoulos Steve Sullivan Matt D'Agostini Henrik Tallinder Alexander Urbom Alexei Ponikarovsky Peter Harrold Stephen Gionta Marek Zidlicky Jacob Josefson Mark Fayne David Clarkson Steve Bernier Travis Zajac Ryan Carter Andrei Loktionov
  14. +1 Kovy -1 Gio Ilya Kovalchuk ----- 36 Patrik Elias------------- 35 Ryan Carter------------ 28 Andy Greene---------- 21 Andrei Loktionov-------21 Adam Larsson--------- 20 Steve Bernier---------- 19 Adam Henrique-------- 16 Martin Brodeur-------- 14 Dainius Zubrus-------- 14 Mark Fayne------------ 12 Travis Zajac -----------12 David Clarkson---------12 Stephen Gionta-------- 10 Jacob Josefson------- 7 Marek Zidlicky --------- 3 Eliminated! Bryce Salvador Anton Volchenkov Krys Barch Johan Hedberg Harri Pesonen Tom Kostopoulos Steve Sullivan Matt D'Agostini Henrik Tallinder Alexander Urbom Alexei Ponikarovski Peter Harrold
  15. Zidlicky+ Harrold - Ilya Kovalchuk--------- 27 Ryan Carter------------ 27 Patrik Elias------------- 25 Adam Larsson--------- 20 Andy Greene---------- 20 Steve Bernier---------- 18 Andrei Loktionov-------17 Adam Henrique-------- 15 Dainius Zubrus-------- 13 Travis Zajac -----------13 Stephen Gionta-------- 13 David Clarkson-------- 12 Martin Brodeur-------- 12 Jacob Josefson------- 10 Mark Fayne------------ 10 Alexander Urbom-----9 Peter Harrold---------- 8 Marek Zidlicky --------- 7 Alexei Ponikarovsky--- 4 Question for you guys? It used to be we would save the Dmen (Stevens, Nieds. Dano, Rafalski, Marty, etc.) And now in the top 10 we save 8 forwards and 2 Dmen. Now I'm fully (FULLY) aware that we no longer have those type of Dmen. Has the culture changed here in what we as fans 'want'? Or are we really just saving the best of what we 'have'? I tend to think it's the latter and if we had a Weber, Suter, Letang, Karlsson, etc. we would all be 'saving' them too. Back to the grind watching non-Devils playoff hockey... Eliminated! Bryce Salvador Anton Volchenkov Krys Barch Johan Hedberg Harri Pesonen Tom Kostopoulos Steve Sullivan Matt D'Agostini Henrik Tallinder