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  1. Coaches challenges need to be revised

    +100 Most referees, even at the high school and college levels, get this call noticeably wrong. In the last year, with both club and high school teams, it's the only real argument I've ever gotten in with referees (I can think of two specific times off hand). It shouldn't matter, but coaches have to stress D-men not moving the puck towards their bench on a NZ regroup while their forwards are changing. Even if no one plays the puck, or is struck unintentionally, it always looks bad and the refs are likely to make the call.
  2. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    I was up in Boston this weekend and I was really impressed with Wood and Santini. SS scored the opening goal on Friday night and had another big hit Sunday. MW was the fastest skater on the ice for either team. With that being said, both games very very chippy and there were a lot of penalties so I didn't get a great idea of how these guys are 5v5. The embellishment call on MW was a good one but he was really moving his feet for a potential breakaway when he was stick-checked up high (and then fell over like he was tripped). The BC team is in the middle of some historic defense (6 shutouts in their last 7 games), it's beyond impressive - it's actually mind blowing. Both guys are impact players right now.
  3. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    You only have to get 16 seconds into this one before you get an idea of how Santini plays. I have not seen him live yet, but I will this weekend.
  4. GDT: NJD @ OTT 7:30 PM

    I haven't gone back to read the first few pages of this thread, so I apologize if this was already brought up. #44 might be the worst D man in the NHL. His no look, backhand play up the boards half way through the third is something I would bench a 16 year old for; totally inexcusable and of course, the puck ends up in NJ's net 5 seconds later. I know he has a hell of a shot, but I'm about done with him. Same mistakes over and over. Congrats to the rest of the team for a great comeback, keep it rolling.
  5. CBJ has more than enough to give back if they really want Lars. I agree with most of the board that he's only available in a steal scenario, but still, he's available. Honestly, Atkinson and a 1st might be enough, but I can't see why Columbus would ever make that deal.
  6. Rumor: Travis Zajac being shopped to Toronto

    Technically, Daniel, that's the passive voice, not passive tense. But you're exactly right; people who write for a living can find subtle ways of making headlines sounds a certain way without actually providing any substantial information. The fact that he uses an impersonal 3rd person (ie, "it is believed" rather than "I believe") accomplishes the same thing. Not trying to be a grammar nazi here, but I thought your point was so good, I couldn't resist cleaning it up for you
  7. Gdt Rangers at NJ @7pm

    I really liked Severson's game along with Palmieri; both really stood out in this one. Other than that, I've liked the move to the 1-3-1 PP setup. More teams are using this now than anything else. It puts a ton of pressure on the point man, but it's incredibly hard to defend if the low men can move the puck quickly. Entries are still a bit sloppy, but once it's set, it looked good. My recommendation would be to dump the puck to a corner softly and let the F's out number and outwork the D men if the opponents are clogging the blueline on entry.
  8. TSN Interview with Lou

    Not really directed at anyone in particular. I am a big proponent of people being allowed to express whatever they want on this forum, but the sob story about letting Zach go for nothing is well in past. We'd be better off as a fan base to let it go rather than pretend like the decisions involved were simple and, subsequently, unforgivably mismanaged. And, for the record, I agree with you that finances played a big part.
  9. TSN Interview with Lou

    This is obviously an old debate, but you cannot argue with the fact that ZP only played 13 games his second to last year with the club. If you want to argue that Lou should have given him a massive extension before the season, then that's your opinion, but you're Monday morning QB'ing at least a little. If Lou signs him for 7 years before 2010/2011, and ZP has a catastrophic knee injury and is never the same player, how would you feel about the extension then? Or what if the team signed him to that extension and then legitimately couldn't afford to pay it? Was it great for the franchise? No. But that's the way things happen sometimes. If everyone had the perfect foresight, ZP would have been a Ranger (or something else) and not a Devil to begin with.
  10. Gomez, Clemmensen, Bernier gone

    We may not be a much better team in terms of wins and losses this year, but the organization will be in a better spot. If nothing else, this team will be younger and faster. The young D men will really get a chance to play big minutes consistently with Harrold and Fraser gone. In two years, we could very possibly welcome Zacha and Santini into the NHL lineup too. I appreciate the work that Shero has done already. I dont know who is going to score goals for us, but that might be a problem that cant be fixed this year anyway. It's always possible that a team has some cap issues and we could help take a contact, but that probably would have happened with the flurry of other deals yesterday.
  11. Artemi Panarin

    This is all pretty pointless. I think players are far more concerned with where they live as opposed to where the rink is. As others have mentioned, northern NJ has tons of wonderful places to call home and raise families. The fact that players commute to Newark to play is a non factor for a majority of them. Now, is NJ perhaps less desirous than NYC, Chicago or Montreal? Sure, maybe. But it also helps that those teams are wealthy and competitive right now. The vast majority of players want to make as much money as possible and play in the playoffs. I suppose one other factor may be playing time, line combos, PP usage, etc. I simply don't believe that if the Rangers moved from MSG in Manhattan to the Bronx it would have any impact on their ability to sign FA's.
  12. 2015 Draft Thread

    I'm actually inclined to take Hanifin if he's available at 6 or 7 and I wouldn't have said that 2 months ago. I realize that we have a ton of young D-men and, hopefully, many of them turn out to be solid NHL players. There is clearly a need up front, however, there are many ways we could fix our forward problems. Regardless of how difficult it could be, there are still possible trades and free agency. That's where you hope your GM can work some magic, which he just did with Cory two years ago. No one is more sick of watching this pathetic attempt at offense than me, but you cant reach for a need when you're drafting in the top 10. If we're in the second or third round and you decide that F's are a priority, so be it.
  13. Dowd accused of assault while coaching

    As someone who also coaches NJ HS hockey, I agree 100% with the assessment of the bench; there is very little room to maneuver there. Once players sit down on the bench, there is almost no space to really kick someone beyond a tap. It's hard enough not to fall over if you move at all.
  14. Are the Leafs in Chaos, and does Pete DeBoer have a new job?

    To be fair, the best athletes (and coaches) tend to have a challenge-driven mentality. I dont think that Babs should consider leaving but I wouldnt be surprised if there is more of a draw to the Toronto job than we're accounting for.
  15. 2015 Draft Thread

    Why would he leave BU in the middle of the season when they are tied for first in Hockey East and having their best season since 2009? I dont think he has anything to gain in the Q compared to HE playoffs and probably the national tournament.