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  1. Based solely on games I've been to in person (major non conference, regular season, conference/NCAA tournament, NHL regular season, NHL outdoor, NHL playoffs) the atmosphere at the Beanpot final is the best in all of hockey short of a Stanley Cup Final game. I will admit some bias because I had the opportunity to go four straight years in college, but I highly recommend the trip to any hockey fan, even without connection to one of the schools.
  2. His TOI and the competition he faces nightly has just as much to do with his -24 as his actual ability does. I'm not worried about him at all; he could use a little help though.
  3. My season ticket rep called me yesterday afternoon just to make sure I didn't need a block of tickets. Ummm, I'm good. EDIT: no disrespect to the sales staff, but the timing was less than ideal.
  4. I sat in the 10th row or so behind the bench last Friday against St. Louis. Typically I think this board is full of doom and gloom crazy people, but I must admit, I didn't see a single thing that looked good last Friday. Nothing spectacular in the D-zone, the breakout was weak and lots of players missed the net on the chances generated in the o-zone (Palmieri). Auvitu also missed a wide open T. Hall on a backdoor pass that would have made it a one goal game early in the third. I did hear Hall let Auvitu know about it once they were back on the bench. One interesting tid-bit was that I didn't hear Hynes shout or raise his voice once, and I was sort of waiting for it. Maybe I was just far enough away, but he seemed resigned to their fate that night. I dont think he's the problem, but someone is going to have to show some emotion eventually. Similar takeaway from Sunday in MSG, Palmieri falling on the red line and the puck ending up in the net was a fitting microcosm for the whole night. I would tend to agree that we're losing games against superior competition, but I don't buy it against the Rangers. The players know how much that game means within the division. NYR was without multiple forwards and their backup goaltender played. 5-0 is unacceptable.
  5. Habs' PP hasn't been great, but the Devils must stay out of the box to earn 2 points. Montreal's depth problems won't matter if Radulov-Shaw-Pac-Weber-Markov get clicking with the man advantage. This would be a nice win on the road with some tough games coming up.
  6. I thought the crowd was pretty good for a home opener on a Tuesday. I didn't notice anything too messy going on besides the dope behind me in section 6 who insisted that "you should never trade defense for offense" and "Hall is a bum". I think I overheard this when #9 failed to convert down low on the 5v3 PP...and then promptly scored about 30 seconds later. I know it's been a long-standing topic of conversation here, and I (admittedly) have only visited a few other rinks for comparison, but we have some pretty dumb fans. Other than the Boucher call which I didn't get a second look at, I thought the refs were fine (and they called the Ducks for about 100 penalties) yet we chanted again and again how much they suck. I suppose as long as these casual fans are buying tickets and putting their butts in the seats I shouldn't complain but it's frustrating nonetheless. As others have mentioned, Hall was fantastic. Could have easily scored two more goals last night after the feed from Bouch shorthanded and on the cycle play with Zacha. He's as dynamic as they come and I'm thrilled to have him.
  7. The only shred of hope I'll cling to is that JV has made it clear he wants to play right away, probably in the top 6 and on the PP (if my memory from an earlier article is correct). We can offer that without too much difficulty as long as Shero and Hynes think it's reasonable. All of these teams can probably afford the max ELC, but what happens in Chicago in two years when it's time for a raise? He could very well end up like Teravainen because those contracts for 19 and 88 aren't going anywhere. As for the rangers, I'm as biased as anyone on here, but they are clearly in decline unless someone helps them with a terrible trade. I can't imagine looking at NJ and NY from a purely hockey perspective and thinking that NY was the way to go. NJ and Toronto have the money, the cap flexibility and young rosters on the upswing. Chicago gives him the best chance at a quick cup. Let's not confuse Vesey with McDavid or Matthews, but I hope somehow Shero and Fitz can make this work.
  8. I guess he played with Kerfoot which maybe brings the slightest bit of interest, but I'd be shocked if he chose to play anywhere but Boston. Maybe you make the case for an upgraded Buffalo team; I'm not sure how close he was with Eichel when they played across the city in college. His competition in the ECAC was lower level than most other conferences but then again, a Hobey is no small accomplishment. Shero has done a fine job so far, maybe he has one more trick up his sleeve. He's another lefty winger, but as others have mentioned, you make room for that kind of upside.
  9. I thought 3.75 to 4.25 so we're not that far off. What do you think #21 will get if we reach a deal before arbitration? I see people offering more than 6 a year and that seems a bit high to me.
  10. What's is Krieder's value? I know offer sheets are beyond rare, but what is he reasonably worth per year relative to Palms?
  11. +100 Most referees, even at the high school and college levels, get this call noticeably wrong. In the last year, with both club and high school teams, it's the only real argument I've ever gotten in with referees (I can think of two specific times off hand). It shouldn't matter, but coaches have to stress D-men not moving the puck towards their bench on a NZ regroup while their forwards are changing. Even if no one plays the puck, or is struck unintentionally, it always looks bad and the refs are likely to make the call.
  12. I was up in Boston this weekend and I was really impressed with Wood and Santini. SS scored the opening goal on Friday night and had another big hit Sunday. MW was the fastest skater on the ice for either team. With that being said, both games very very chippy and there were a lot of penalties so I didn't get a great idea of how these guys are 5v5. The embellishment call on MW was a good one but he was really moving his feet for a potential breakaway when he was stick-checked up high (and then fell over like he was tripped). The BC team is in the middle of some historic defense (6 shutouts in their last 7 games), it's beyond impressive - it's actually mind blowing. Both guys are impact players right now.
  13. You only have to get 16 seconds into this one before you get an idea of how Santini plays. I have not seen him live yet, but I will this weekend.
  14. I haven't gone back to read the first few pages of this thread, so I apologize if this was already brought up. #44 might be the worst D man in the NHL. His no look, backhand play up the boards half way through the third is something I would bench a 16 year old for; totally inexcusable and of course, the puck ends up in NJ's net 5 seconds later. I know he has a hell of a shot, but I'm about done with him. Same mistakes over and over. Congrats to the rest of the team for a great comeback, keep it rolling.
  15. CBJ has more than enough to give back if they really want Lars. I agree with most of the board that he's only available in a steal scenario, but still, he's available. Honestly, Atkinson and a 1st might be enough, but I can't see why Columbus would ever make that deal.