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  1. At 3:30 PM. To talk about MVP issue.
  2. 20 minute interview coming on WFAN with Brodeur on WFAN 66 AM NY. Hope he says as gentleman did not mind losing MVP. HELLO Brodeur YOU were MVP!!! Coming live WFAN!
  3. ALL Devil fans calling. KEEP IT UP!!! Email wfan.com. Dog ragging on Devils if not Email call them. LUVING this and DOG being pissed!
  4. Still saying not a great team. EMAIL at WFAN.com then instant message on left side in middle and give them HELLLLLL! Tell them what you think!! Stil sticking up for ducks!
  5. Of past Decade. Vote for DEVILS! Front page of WFAN.com. Shove it to NY station!
  6. Hearing some Devil fans does not matter if Broduer did not get MVP. Both he and ummmm that other guy whats his name (lol) had almost same GAA and Save %. Broduer 7-5 in shutouts and RECORD. 12 home game wins a RECORD. Won Stanley Cup. Yet ummmm whats his name that will never be on cup gets MVP. Some say because he brought Ducks here. Hello what did Marty do???? NO RESPECT sorry SHOULD HAVE WON!
  7. In past years in Hockey. Get to pick from 4 including Devils. Go vote and send message to NY! Front page of web page to vote.
  8. Lets Go Devils! Bad Day Today Need Lift!

    Thanks folks. AS stated not SAD!!! She was great dog. Great OLD life. Can''t ask for anything more. USED to listen to me scream at TV watching DEVILS and hit my arm when down. SHE KNEW when I was bent about DEVILS losing. Animals are stupid???? NOT THIS ONE! DEVIL FAN!!!!!
  9. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!! NEED A BIG WIN! Just had to put down a luv of my life this morning Labrador Retriever Sheba 16 years old. NOT UNHAPPY!!! She had great life. Most don't live near that long! IF DEVILS WIN woul be GREAT and a marked date for me. Luv of life Sheba and WINNING DEVILS would be two great memories!!!!! GO DEVILS!
  10. Jamie's Hockey Fans Remain Optimistic

    Good for you and friends!!!! CHHER LOUD so can be heard in CALIFORNIA land of fruits and nuts.
  11. We Did It!

    Good for you bring us luck PLEASSSSSE!
  12. Mckenzie

    Agreee bigtime McKenzie a big nothing. Just hits and takes penalties. Nothing wrong with an enforcer and big guy but at least play!
  13. WFAN NY 660 AM today just that Devils lost. THEN into bigtime early AM how bad they are. NOW since 10AM NOT ONE WORD ON DEVILS. What a joke so called SPORTS Station is! Sorry pissed. WFAN sucks especially can't wait for Mike and Dog show on Monday at 1 PM. Dog said all over series and would "not watch Sat nite game" LOL Wanna b he did and will cROW about how great Ducks are now! Sorry pissed.