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  1. 2009 Devils Draft Party

    Hello all, I will be attending my first NJ Devils draft party this year and I know its free admission (says on the devils website) but it does not say what you have to pay for and what you do not have to pay for. (kind of a newbie question, but I have no idea ) Any other information would be a big help. thanks in advanced (sorry if this is a duplicate thread)
  2. Clemmensen added to Team USA

    Go Clemmer!
  3. Havelid

    +1 Even in the handful of season games Havelid played with New Jersey, he did some pretty stupid things. Don't get me wrong he has done some good things. But it seems like every time a bad goal goes in at the worst time possible, he is the one on the ice either out of position or not blocking shots. The tying goal in game 7 could of been avoided if it wasn't for him, and a sleeping defense. This team needs a more solid defense. It seems before Havelid came in the D was working rather well. Havelid just threw off the balance and chemistry of the defensive lines. Just my opinion

  5. I'm done with the Kool Aid

    Should of been Martin and Oduya out there

    Defense and offense can is non existent.
  7. I blame the D (mostly havalid) because every time i sh!ty goal goes in hes the one on defense. Also the offense can generate ANYTHING. We can blame Marty for every thing but he is still part of the team had has to do his job. and do it right.
  8. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    +1. this sucks...
  9. Andy Greene

    Yes! scratch him. Havelid does not impress me
  10. OOT Scoreboard - Fri. 4/24. ECQF & WCQF - Round 1.

    Way to go Caps :]
  11. Shutout! one goal game but it makes up for the goal two nights ago. eat it canes!!!
  12. shanny line doing some work
  13. no call on that tackle on clarkson?