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  1. GDT: USA vs Finland Semifinals

    That's funny, I don't see an idiotic trapezoid at both ends of the ice and the excitement and pace seems pretty good to me....
  2. Lock IIya up Lou!

    Ilya already rejected 12 years 100+ million. The only way to lock him up before free agency is to offer him a max contract 11 mil a season for 8-10 years. There is no benefit to trying to lock him up now, just hope that he has a good experience and you can get a slight (notice I said slight) discount in the bidding war, or at least last match rights in the bidding.
  3. deadline deal

  4. Pop Culture Grid

    Me too, and as much as I like Zajac, I love Murphy's answers.
  5. Brodeur declined to read Letterman Top 10 List

    According to comments on the article, it was Brodeur's daughter's birthday, so he had the day with her.
  6. Yes, the key in the rule is the "act of making the save" that is when goalies are allowed to cover outside the crease (i.e. gloving a shot out of the air). K batted the puck and then chased it down which you aren't aloud to do. I thought it was a great chance to explain a pretty technical rule and call.
  7. Was anyone else confused that they lambasted the ref for not blowing the whistle on khabibulin's attempt to cover early last night? The rules state that if the goalie leaves the crease to beat an opposing player to the puck, they are not allowed to cover the puck and freeze play, if they do a minor penalty should be charged. Shouldn't an ex-goalie know that?