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  1. Lou Lamoriello E-Mailed Me!!!

    What is the email address? Where can i find it?
  2. red wings

    True. Nothing against the red wings but I hope they don't win the stanley cup this year. I'm sick of fanboys ALWAYS choosing to play as the red wings on NHL 09 online because they won the cup last year. It's not that much fun to continually annihilate the wings with my devs over and over and over and over......... After the first 50 wins, it gets old.
  3. Roy offered Avs heead coaching job

    Ha he'll suck at that too.
  4. I hate it

    the depression of no more devs for a while sucks. Damn you staal, damn you to heaven
  5. Official NJDevs.com Keepers II

    So am i the keep of it or not?

    My story is probably the lamest story here, seeing as how I've only discovered the joy of hockey at the beginning of this season LIving in Utah, the only professional sport around is our Utah Jazz. Personally, I never cared for basketball because of how boring it gets after both teams have scored for the hundredth time. Where is the fun in that? Anyway, back to my story, my introduction to the world of hockey was very limited as a child. I was never a very athletic kid, in fact I didnt have any interest in football until 6th grade. I followed football for about four games, but then I gave up. It didn't mean anything to me cuz I didn't have a favorite team and I was tired of riding on my dad's raider supporting coat tails. So I abandoned football, and the world of sports as well. It wasn't until Sophmore year last year at high school that I got into sports once again. I wacthed our football team, but that was boring. Then I found Hockey. I knew of hockey, just nothing about it. So one day at my friends house we were just kickin around, bored out of our minds, when he suggested we play NHL 09 on his 360. From that day I was hooked. My love for the Devils followed shortly after. The next time I went to his house it was straight to NHL 09. I choose the devils and won every game I played with them. Now I know what your thinking, "He's just a groupie" which is not the case. In fact, I did some research on the Devils the day after my ultimate domination and when I saw a pic of Marty, I was hooked. I had briefly met Marty at the SLC olympics before and thought he was the coolest guy around. Since the day I learned marty was on the Devils I've been following them closely, and I even bought a Marty shirt. That's my story.
  7. GDT: 3/23/09 - New Jersey @ Philadelphia - 7:00 PM

    Im confused as to why some of you blame Marty for the loss. As I recall, at least two or three of the Flyers goals gave him NO chance for a save. The problem we had tonight was our lack of smart defensive decisions. We also gave the Flyers too many power play chances (which they converted on 3 of them, a bulk of their points) After the First period it was clear that the Flyers would only be able to score with the man advantage. BUt enough of the negative, at least this will help us tighten up our weakpoints. Not to mention how motivated the team will be to win the next game.
  8. Newest Devils Fan!

    Lol I think all you need is a little to ensure hockey fandom. Once he discovers hockey, a love for the Devils is guarenteed
  9. Official NJDevs.com Keepers II

    I wanna be keeper of Marty's 552nd win game net, is that available? if it is I call dibs.
  10. GDT: 3/20/09 - Minnesota @ New Jersey. 7:00 PM

    Sadly I live in Utah, so I can't go to the game But I will be paying very close attention to the game via any damn update I can find. As far as the game goes though, we'll slaughter 'em! And with Marty back between the pipes they have NO chance. Those points are ours. but it would be nice to see Koivu get the sh!t beat outta him by Gionta DEVIL PRIDE
  11. Newest Devils Fan!

    Congrats! May he learn of the awesomeness that is the game of hockey and those who play it early.