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  1. Clemmer?

    i kinda agree with the original poster to be honest......if the devils go down 2-0 in the first round, put clemmer in unless marty is absolutely standing on his head
  2. "I've been quiet for too long"...

    i'll tell you what.......all this team needs to get back on track is ONE WIN im telling you, and i am really feeling wins friday night and saturday night, PS this is why sutter is a great coach: 1) he stands up for his players (he was pissed at the refs bout the zubbie cheapshot too) and 2) i really like his approach to this now, remaining calm and saying that they are gonna get through it together, I STILL BELIEVE...............ONE WIN IS ALL THEY NEED IM TELLIN YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. you woulda rocked every single one of them if you were coach i bet
  4. My plan for righting the ship (long)

    in reference to my original post about trying rupp-holik clarkson, i feel like in the playoffs too having a line like that that has 3 big time bangers on it could be really beneficial in a lot of different ways
  5. My plan for righting the ship (long)

    i definately agree that the bottom 2 lines need to get tweaked, they just get pinned in the dzone so much, and also rolston doesnt belong at center and holik doesnt belong on the wing. and i think what i like to call "the hansen line" needs to be united, that is rupp-holik-clarkson. boy thats one badass fourth line and idk if anyone else noticed but they played together for a couple shifts vs the hawks and not only did they throw their weight around constantly, they also had the hawks pinned in their own zone for most of both shifts if i remember correctly. i think that line could be very good together and extremely tough to play against. then just have madden center rolston and shanny.
  6. zubrus

    played his fvcking ass off is what he did
  7. zubrus

    i wouldnt mind putting rolston on RW and trying gio with madden and someone else but i just think they need a big centerman
  8. zubrus

    i thought he played very well today one of the couple that did. but honestly, i feel like he needs to be centering that 2nd line b/c they need size in the middle. im sorry but rolston is just not cutting it way too weak. at least with zubrus that line could get chances and get a lot of sustained pressure and wear down the opposition. idc who plays right wing between gio and rolston but i feel that elias-zubrus needs to make up two thirds of it. if u noticed today especially, zubrus did so much work down low and after he did his work, pando and clarkson (mediocre at best players) were not in the right position to support him whereas better guys i would think would be there to support.