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  1. Florida is gearing up and going for the cup...one more for Jagr on the way out .
  2. I'm sure Bobby Clarke is thrilled
  3. Thanks for all you gave to the great sport of hockey.....R.I.P
  4. Or one at all for that matter.....Go Sharks
  5. All the best to him in Minny
  6. Unless your a Blues fan
  7. I agree....they're done.. I think whoever comes out of the west stomps the east.
  8. Caps in 7.......This was just to lure you in
  9. Well the Bolts win it 5-4 in OT
  10. lol......what was I thinking.....but yeah.....what a way to lose.
  11. Florida with under a minute to play and move on to the second round,BLOWS it big time......nightmares for sure .
  12. .Kings are done.....GOOD !!!!!!
  13. Flyers with 11 shots on goal and win.....WTH
  14. .Nothing gives me more joy in the sports world today then seeing the Rags and their Queen get smacked around......Love It !!!!
  15. hoping the broom cleans away that trash in south filly.....they deserve nothing but the sweep