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  1. And there it is
  2. Eyes bee's wits yous on dis.
  3. For the fans that paid to watch this......I feel for you .
  4. They deserve to be made fun of......They really suck.
  5. Well this is OVER
  6. After tonight they will go on a major nose dive.
  7. Looking back........Being a STH from 94-04 will without a doubt will be the best Devils teams ever,I was damn lucky to have witnessed it. I really feel for those spending big bucks and getting zero in return. I still follow them but never really expect much from them. My season highlights anymore are watching the Rags crash and burn every year. The farm used to be filled with up coming talent......Used to be. I agree something needs changing so start with the coaching staff and see if things improve.
  8. You would think they would get tired of getting their asses handed to them....But they seem to enjoy, it as long as the check clears .
  9. Don't fear gang.....we're rebuilding you know .
  10. Just when it looked like its was over.....This Happens.......Its a start .
  11. Have faith...were rebuilding you know .
  12. Have faith...were rebuilding you know .
  13. I agree.....back then we had a great crop of young talent to bring up when needed. Now the only thing left at the farm are the sh!t filled stales of those who moved on. 2003 was a long time ago and fvcking little to show since. As for 2012 there was no way we were beating the Kings. The highlight was beating the Rags,that was our cup win that year. So lets give it another 5-6 years shall we.....Bvllsh!t
  14. STH 1994----2003 sec 223 row 7. Boxes and Boxes of programs,playoff give away and great winning memories..........Yes I was spoiled by those mighty teams and a young Marty. But the rebuild isn't new at all. Kovy.skips out on us,Zach goes home and neither was replaced until this year with Hall,before you know it Green and Travis will retire.It can't be done at this slow pace.
  15. Build a team ?......When is that going to take shape ? Its the front office that once again hasn't a clue how to build a winning team. 5 Players won't get you a cup and that's all about this team has.....5 good players .