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  1.  Love it ^^^^^^^^ and those are the facts !!!... LGD
  2. Scott Gomez, a Onetime Rookie star is a NHL Prospect Again

     For whatever reasons his skills were never the same after leaving to play for the Rangers.I watched him live all those years in NJ and he really was a great play maker with great vision of the ice. I agree he could help a teams PP for sure and hope he finds a spot somewhere in NHL to prove it .
  3. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Love seeing the Rags get shut out.....F you Queen .
  4. GDT: Devils @ Thrashers 7PM MSG+

     I've said it a few times this season,this team is fun to watch.
  5. GDT: Devils vs Boring Hockey 7PM MSG+

     So wish this was against the Rags,but i'm still loving it .
  6. John Scott traded to Montreal to be removed from the all star game?

     Good......Buttman folded
  7. GDT - Devils at Blues - 1/12/16

    18 shots on goal will not win many games....and stay the hell out of the box.
  8. Around the League 15-16 Edition

     Funny how many ex Devils thought leaving was a good idea. Gomez,Geo,Clarkson and i'm sure a few more who's best day's were in NJ. Only Zach has gone on to play well elsewhere So much for the grass is always greener.  
  9. Cory Schneider is an All-Star

    Well done Cory........Stick it Queen.
  10. Around the League 15-16 Edition

     Jagr with his 14th...old man has still got it.
  11. GDT Stars @ Devils 1/2/2016

    We had it all along....we win....Rags get beaten......Good,Good night.
  12. Devils Mini Banners

    Thanks DevsMan...... I guess i'll hold on to them a bit longer. I really thought the unused 1995 tickets in sheet form would have been worth more being it was the first cup win.Back then most of the programs came with an 8x10 picture of a player,they were all numbered. I also have 6 of Martys rookie card but I know there are many of those out there.                                                                                                                                                   Thanks again.      
  13. GDT - Devils @ Senators - 12/30/15

    Trap......no Trap      All I know is I watched them raise the cup 3 times. I don't care what they do to get the cup,its all about winning it.....So Trap on
  14. GDT - Devils @ Senators - 12/30/15

     Hell of a road win and Cory with the shut out...oh yeah.
  15. WANT - Stevens and Daneyko retirement mini-banners

    What are the 1995 mini banners worth these days ? I have four and am moving in the spring so I might sell them. I also have hundreds of game programs from 95-2001 along with all the Stanley cup playoff give aways 95,towels,shakers. I also have my unused tickets from the 95 scf still in sheet form.  I know the banners have value just not sure about the rest.