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  1. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    lol......what was I thinking.....but yeah.....what a way to lose.
  2. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Florida with under a minute to play and move on to the second round,BLOWS it big time......nightmares for sure .
  3. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    .Kings are done.....GOOD !!!!!!
  4. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Flyers with 11 shots on goal and win.....WTH
  5. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    .Nothing gives me more joy in the sports world todaythen seeing the Rags and their Queen get smacked around......Love It !!!!
  6. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    hoping the broom cleans away that trash in south filly.....they deserve nothing but the sweep
  7. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Looks like the queen will be playing tomorrow,I'd much rather they get beat with him in net.No having to here.....if the (puke) King was in net bull.
  8. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Anyone besides the scumrags......would like to see the Caps win it all.
  9. RIP Ed Snider

    R.I.P Mr Snider.....you always did your best to try and make the Flyers a winner. I believe they need a lot more then his passing to beat the Caps.
  10. I forgot the players make the rules.....Fvck having coaches ,think of the money they'll save.
  11. Why is Cory playing at this point ?....play the kids and let them have some fun these last few games .
  12. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Is Gelinas hurt or did Colorado quickly see his worth?
  13. GDT: Devils vs WOOO!! in "The Battle for Mediocrity" 5PM MSG+

    Please don't start sounding like Rags fans
  14. GDT - Devils vs Capitals - 3/25/2016

    To bad we couldn't find a way to score,either way the kid did great .