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  1. I'm liking this Ottawa team more and more .
  2. And I was there
  3. Tell me again how the Queen ranks up there with Marty again.....Ha Ha Ha Yeah Right ...... I don't think the Queen will ever be this close again.
  4. We sure have sucked the last few years but at least we got something for it.......The Rags get NOTHING
  5. 1994......And this one will last a life time.....Thank You Sam Rosan
  6. Oh the sting.....Still a Queen without a ring.....Love it
  7. May tonights Rags game be the first in this series where the road team wins .
  8. Thanks for so many great Devils moments, The game in Philly in 2000 will always stand out as my favorite come back lead by you. May your number hang high from the rafters and you be welcomed with open arms into the hall. A true Devil for sure .
  9. Sad but true.....He's average at best and that won't get you very far .
  10. I see the boys played up to par today.....Glad I missed it.
  11. You know your team really sucks when you only have 2 (at the moment) pages on a GDT..........I remember the good ole days of 10 pages.
  12. How long until Hall joins Kovi ?
  13. The best part for me this season is I haven't spent one cent on anything Devils .
  14. You were expecting something else ?......This poo will double soon.