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  1. 4 FREE tickets to game tonight

    ** Tickets no longer available, Let's go Devils! ** I have four extra tickets to the game tonight. I'm offering up all four, or pairs, for free to whomever would like them. All I ask is that you cover the $2 fee per ticket it costs to email, Paypal is easiest. Tickets are in Section 227
  2. Summer Pack Special Offer

    You can put down the suite giveaway, radio spot, and whatnot, but don't diss the zamboni ride!
  3. Summer Pack Special Offer

    I'm a bit confused. What is with the whining about the sub-par freebies? Did the Devils not offer the Frozen Over package in April? Sure you had to pay early and in full, but the rewards were far from cheap. I think the marketing team is doing a great job and steadily improving year after year. This is a business and is operating just as one should. Long term, not short term goals.
  4. Season ticket prizes going out

    we also doubled our season tickets
  5. Best Disney World restaurants?

    Hah! Last place I expect to see a post like this, though I've been many times, especially for Food and Wine Fest, so quite familiar with the eating situation. Cali Grill is 2 meal credits on the dining plan, but I've been and its terrific. Most of the best places are in Epcot. Le Cellier and Coral Reef are two favorites and get a good return with the meal plan. The best places we've been to are the two credits, incl Cal Grill, Narcoossees, Artist Point, and Jiko (at Animal Kingdom Lodge, simply amazing).
  6. Is it Wednesday yet??

    tell me about it
  7. Frozen Four 2010

    I went to RIT... and they were Div III when I was there
  8. Flames Eliminated

  9. STH "buy 1 get 1" is a scam

    Crazy how I never knew about it... it's unfortunate. I guess it explains why the ledge is so empty these days.
  10. STH "buy 1 get 1" is a scam

    Well, not for nothing, but I was going to be doing the same this past Saturday. In years past, there as no 'seat' charge for the ledge. I was expecting buy one meal, get another for free, simple as that. Thankfully my wife called the restaurant to clarify and we discovered the seats now cost money. Needless to say, we made other arrangements.
  11. Anyone ever had to be 'reinstated' from The Rock?

    The classless Ranger fans were the problem. I saw many good people break that night due to the classless fans you refer to...
  12. Was at the game in Montreal on 1/9, sat in section 123. Third time I have been there, and its still the best place to see a hockey game period. Will be at the game on Long Island saturday, sitting in section 114, on the glass
  13. Tix no longer available
  14. One Ticket for Devils @ Habs - Jan 9th

    Bummer, I still have it if anyone is interested.