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  1. Just as Lou used to salivate at the idea of signing washed up ex-Devils, Shero seems to enjoy the same game with his former club. Only saving grace I suppose is he doesn't throw crazy money at them. But's annoying.
  2. Look at the bright side, at least Edmonton won't get the #1 overall pick again this year.
  3. The scariest part of it is the entire team from the GM on down seem absolutely clueless.
  4. Up 4-0 with less than a minute to go? No way the Leafs lose. Not happening. That type of shiet only happens to us (when we play the Canes in the playoffs)
  5. Woooooooooopie! Way to go Devs!!
  6. DONE!
  7. I'm going to watch the postgame "highlights" and crank the Benny Hill theme song.
  8. Haha, anytime man. I'm liking this logo more and more...
  9. Please put shoe marks on that thing and re-upload, haha
  10. Watching this team play hockey is like watching Faces of Death. No matter how appalling it gets, you can't walk away from the tv.
  11. "Oh boy I got out just in time! Now Shero gets the blame for what I did. Lucky me. Haha" That's what he's thinking....
  12. Lou's boneheaded moves over the past few years helped usher in this circus but Shero sure as hell ain't helping. This organization is clueless right now. And no I wouldn't want Lou back.
  13. This team is atrocious.
  14. If you can somehow include an image of shoe prints on that doormat I think we've got a winner.