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  1. This. No long term deals to concussion prone players, busts, or ex-Devils. I'd say that's a plus. Love the Hall trade and Lovejoy is solid.
  2. Blame it on UNLV! Hah. They started it all in 1990 with black sneakers, then the Philadelphia Eagles did it, then the Knicks followed and soon after... every team in sports started sporting black into their uni's. The 90's were all about putting black into your getup, or you weren't considered a "badass". Lol. I agree with you. Bring back the green/red's into circulation and modernize the current red/black uniform. Lou isn't here anymore to put down his iron fist, so let's get creative....
  3. Stop your dreaming... we all now Edmonton will pick Matthews with the #1 overall pick in 2016.
  4. Nah...I'm focused on Shero and the Devils. Lou and his "rules" are history.
  5. Conte out, Castron in...I'm liking it so far!
  6. Not to beat a dead horse, but Shero is doing what needed to be done. If Lou was still GM none of these changes would be happening. He was still under the belief that we were only two top 6 forwards away from competing and would have stuck with Zubrus, Harrold, Gomez, Clowe and the remaining vets till the wheels fell off.
  7. Can we throw in Gionta while we're at it?
  8. I like the EHL jersey a lot. vintage jerseys are cool looking.
  9. a devil image or something along these lines, printed on the front of a black jersey as a third / alternate would be ok.
  10. If there's one major departure Shero takes from the old regime, I hope it's this. Paying a guy top dollar and seeing him actually produce would be such a welcome change.
  11. Better than overpaying for a center who is ranked near the bottom of the league in stats, and will be for the duration of his obscene contract.
  12. Nice work! That looks great. Lol.
  13. This would be a sick looking alternate uniform. And wear the damn thing more than twice a year.
  14. How about third jerseys, high numbers, beards, long hair....time to turn this baby on its head. Lol
  15. Toronto will now become the retirement home for ex-Devils. Lol