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  1. What's your prized devils collection look like?

    There are some other great Devils collections out there of people of haven't posted, haven't taken pictures and a select few who do not wish to share them. I saw an incredible Chicago Blackhawk's "Man Cave" that really really went above and beyond my expectations without featuring ONE game worn piece. At the end of the interview the guy said he wanted a Toews game worn to hang on his wall, but they were $10,000. His wife looked like she was having a stroke at that thought and again when he said, "but, a Duncan Keith is priced reasonably at $1750." I tried looking for the guys room on You Tube with no luck, but it is AWESOME. This you tube video of another Hawks room is quite cool (I know it isn't Devils related, but pretty neat). Check out 1:40 seconds in ( ). Sure reaching into a refrig is easier, but... that is quite cool... I mean awesome. I'd put "rut beer" (root beer) in mine in honour of the Hanson Brothers saying "...and none of that stinkin' Rut Beer." Ah classic.