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  1. Matt also does other things, hosts events in the community, etc.
  2. Matt and Sherry were fine. Richie Matthews and Singleton had been with the team a long long long time. I think 17 and 20 years, I wonder what happened with them. I mean, really, equipment manager?
  3. AU REVOIR MOTHA fvckAS!!!
  4. What happened in this thread?
  5. Fell into Niskanen's stick to the side of the head.
  6. I don't crap on anyone for leaving. Never really have. Maybe Gomez. But they come back, they are a Devil - I am fine with that. I have a hard time believing Lou didn't have a hand at Kovy leaving when he did. The contract not kicking in to the higher recapture years coupled with the ownership and money problems back then. People forget, we were pretty much bankrupt.
  7. I also think we should remember he was the guy despite being able to barely walk, got 19 points in the playoff run. He left it all out there with that bad back. That I remember. No one knows the circumstances behind his dismissal. We may never know.
  8. I would be upset if Shero was an "absolutely not" on Kovy coming here. It's something to think about. He may not get it here, but as an asset - I think the value he'd have isn't great as a trade right now. If he was serviceable, I can only see his value going higher at the deadline. If he was a dumpster fire, than whatever - we missed an opportunity. The real questions is what is his trade value today? If it's a 2017 or 18 1st Rounder - than that's one thing. I don't think that's the value today. I think it's a '18 2nd maybe and a prospect. Why not play him, we sure could use his him in the short run and see if we can turn it into a first.
  9. You think he's worth that? I think he'd need to prove himself first in this league. I'm not sure any of us know what we're getting. I get he's not the player we need in a rebuild. But I also think this ownership and fanbase want the playoffs and if he can help put some pucks in the net without costing an asset, then they should at least try him out during the season - if we are playoff bound keep him. If we aren't, trade him.
  10. It's hard to know what motivates him at this point. Is it money, is it a Stanley Cup, does he have any drive to see if he can still keep up with the Radulovs, Ovechkins, Malkins who all make their living here. I'd like to hear from him.
  11. Gotta agree here. Declining or not, he's better than trotting out DSP again. I'd rather give him a try then Cammy too. Henrique-Zajac-Palmieri Kovy-McLeod-Hall Quenneville-Hischier/Patrick -Zacha Wood-Coleman-Blandisi Alzner-Shattenkirk Greene-Severson Santini-Moore
  12. I don't think he's covering for anything on the Yandle, etc signings. I think all he is saying he is, there's no silver bullet. If they think they can help themselves with FA, they'll do it, but they won't sign a ridiculously stupid contract. I think the fact is Shattenkirk would probably need a huge mega mega overpayment to sign here, and it's not going to happen.
  13. I just don't see us moving Damon at this point. We need puck moving guys, he had a really respectable year in terms of points. I don't expect us to trade really any of our young D this offseason - not including Merrill. I think Henrique is the bait here, but the one thing we have to remember is Henrique is still a 20/25 Goal player (probably 25-30 on a good team with a good PP). He also plays PK and can slot in center or wing. He's highly valuable and if we want to get more reliable D, than he's the guy.
  14. This is so stupid.
  15. I can't watch this crap.