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  1. This is so stupid.
  2. I can't watch this crap.
  3. Time to pull the trigger. Hynes. Gallant is my first choice. The talent isn't great but he's not getting the most of the talent that is there. We shouldn't be this bad.
  4. We're on pace for 102 pts...think about that for a second
  5. I saw the fight in 128, stupid.
  6. Hard to imagine. Can't see a Queens arena winning events from Barclays/MSG.
  7. The Holik thing? Really?
  8. He's been working with Lappin all summer up in Boston, if I am not mistaken.
  9. No Boucher vic? I'd really like to see Elias come back, I just don't think he fits. I think he still has something to offer on the third line too and the PP. I think he'd a non-back-to-back player I think he's worth having around in case they want to give Blender, Boucher or Zacha a night off. I think he'd be a good mentor to the kids as well. I also think if he's up to speed but we're not in the playoff mix - he can be used for a pick.
  10. Good contract, under 5 for 5 years. Very happy.
  11. Yup, good body who's responsible to my eye.
  12. Also with John Hynes, he coached Shattenkirk at USA Hockey.
  13. Make it so. From Fire and Ice - 2014
  14. I don't see us going after Okposo - I think if a closer Cup contender wants him, there he goes. Aside from Schlemo, Merrill and Bennett - I don't know what else I want that's out there.
  15. Kalinin?