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  1. I just bought replicas imgood
  2. Indos?
  3. Real quick - NHL Store is doing a sale in NYC for $40 blank replica jerseys and $80 for Authentic. It's a clearance for everything making room for Addidas. I picked up 3 Then going to send them to Exclusive Pro in time for the new year! Saw a guy get a Hischier made
  4. I hear a former Czech Devil has been in contact with Pavel as well.
  5. I think Ray is playing this fine. If the demands are high fine. Let the market play out, he doesn't have to sign today. Both sides are using time here most likely. I can't imagine after 4 days, Ilya is like "F it" - both Ray and Kovy have "time, so use it." as Lou would say.
  6. Ahhhh balls.
  7. Does WPG ask for Travis and something else
  8. Bonino could mean a trade for 14
  9. I think FA route for D is interesting. Shattenkirk and Alzner. I actually think Alzner helps us more TBH in terms of stability and giving some coverage to Moore, Severson or Greene to be more offensive.
  10. Yeah I don't mind the shoulders or arms stripes. It just looks unfinished at the bottom.
  11. His personality, even his voice, reminds me of Patrik.
  12. I don't care if they wear red and black onesies. Just win.
  13. http://www.northjersey.com/videos/sports/nhl/devils/2017/06/20/video-devils-jersey-reveal-video/103043756/ Doesn't look bad in the video.
  14. I don't know. Now that I am seeing it bigger, it's like why change at all?
  15. I think it's fine. I want to see what they look like on the ice.