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  1. Rangers Fan Claims She Was Assaulted Saturday

    A couple of points. I too, am a die hard Devils fan. As a season ticket holder, I've been to literally a few hundreds games between 92-97. I've also been to games elsewhere in the league. By far, the most hostile environment to go as a visiting fan is NY or Philly. I have also found when fans of these two teams visit us, the "nasty" level is by far, very high. That said, I would never condone violence against an opposing fan or anyone else at The Rock. That's not what the game is about, and anyone found to participate in such non sense, SHOULD be prosecuted. We can't be hypocritical about this. The beer muscles are not acceptable. As for opposing fans HERE, why not? I like to post on the Rangers board on msgnetwork.com. There are those that try to shout me down, but there are others who can hold interesting exchanges. Before 1995, there really used to be an inferiority complex that we, as Devils fans had. We have 3 Cups and our winning percentage during this period (95-present) is among the best in the league. Let's not play into the stereotype, we're better than that.
  2. Based on the number of rats thrown, am I to believe that the Panthers' arena was filled with Devs fans??? Sorry, but the league has brought this on themselves. Detroit is just as bad with the octopus. To me, this is just non-sense.
  3. Wow, you guys are really Devils fans? Marty may not have been at his best, but to direct so much venom at him borders on stupidity. Have we forgotten how good looked most of the season? Also, for those calling him a choker, do you not know Devils history??? This guy is arguably the best goalie in NHL history. You can't put all the blame on Marty for last night or even most of this series. Volchenkov has been brutal. I also heard an interesting stat before yesterday's game, the Devils are dead last of all playoff teams in shots blocked. Our penalty kill has been awful, and our power play for the most part, look completely unorganized. In other words, in the one area the Devils excelled this season, special teams, they have been awful. These cheap shots at Marty are mind boggling.
  4. I'll say it again...Marty certainly looks "off" this season, but the team has many other larger issues to address. Want to make changes? Start with Langenbrunner, and Arnott. Then look at Clarkson and Rolston. Put some defense in front of Marty and THEN if he looks bad, look to move him. You don't just up and trade a homegrown hall-of-famer. You don't
  5. "Yes, we should just resign Marty to a lifetime contract because of past success. No one is disrespecting Marty, we know what he has provided for this team. However, there is a time when you need to realize that your days are behind you and it's better to be put out to pasture." Nobody suggested that Marty is going to be re-signed. In fact, I'm not sure MARTY is even looking for another contract. I just don't understand the lack of respect people are showing this hall of famer. I ask you, would getting rid of Marty make this team better?
  6. You guys crack me up. Marty has been a significant reason why this franchise has won 3 cups, and why we've made 13 straight playoff appearances. Let's also remember how Marty passed up better money to remain in Jersey at a time his value was highest. To disrespect him in the manner in which so many of you are, is disgusting. Marty is having an off year, but he is hardly the reason why this team is in the toilet. I will never be convinced that part of our problem was the protracted Kovy contract situation. Bettman really screwed us in that it was difficult to properly plan for the season without knowing whether he'd be here or not. But that's not all, we have several players who seem to have no heart. Larry Brooks' article this past Sunday was spot on. Langenbrunner has been the same since his falling out with Lemaire last year. Moving him should have been Lou's first move when the season ended. I can go on and on, but you all see the same team I do, and you see the same garbage as me. Just don't pin this on Marty. He has no help out there.
  7. Devils Army

    I hate this nonsense. These types of names/groups have to happen organically. This seems so bush.
  8. Totally disagree with you. There's no way to determine the true value of such a clause. Your choice of applying a 10% value is based on what?
  9. Devils looking for Generals

    Maybe I'm crazy, but at 9-22, I would hope the team would be focused on things more important than this stupid marketing gimmick.