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  1. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    Real nice. You and the other clowns over on devilsrule.com need to learn how to lose. The amount of vitriol is incredible. Heartbreaking loss? Yes. Sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted. But instead of talking about how your team can come back it's "rednecks," "hick scum," etc etc. Just stop crying about it. We outplayed you guys most of the game and you can't even give us credit for it. Read the rulebook...the last play wasn't interference. You honestly think there's some sort of grand consipracy against the Devils? http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=26480 I don't care how much I get cursed at and flamed for this post, this needs to be said. Stop acting like a bunch of tools and focus on the next game. Being from the South does not mean I don't know as much about the game as you. I'm just as educated, if not more so, than you. So shut your mouth with the "redneck" crap. I don't come onto your board and talk about what a craphole North Jersey is because I KNOW IT'S A STEREOTYPE. And I don't even like NASCAR. Flame on. This isn't directed towards everyone on this board, just people who have said things like the guy above.
  2. Maurice: We need to do a better job on Parise

    True, you need speed on defense. But our fast guys just are not all that physical at times. Plus, although they might have speed (Pitkanen), they don't always seem to know how to position themselves, or where the puck is going to be - can't do that against a guy like Parise. It's not so much a lack of physicality as a lack of awareness and the ability to do things like poke-check.
  3. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    I'm a senior at Duke, I'm graduating in a couple weeks. And I agree with you about the UNC fans. They're our rivals for a reason. The people affilliated with the school are generally okay, but North Carolina is infested with "Wal-Mart" UNC fans that have no class whatsoever.
  4. Maurice: We need to do a better job on Parise

    Excellent analysis!
  5. Maurice: We need to do a better job on Parise

    I'm a 'Canes fan, and honestly, Parise does scare me a good bit when he's on the ice. The problem that we're having, IMO, is that at least half of our defensive lineup each game consists of offensive defensemen, not close-checking shut-down types of guys. We have two D-men who are consistently good at that - Wallin and Gleason. The other guys were brought in primarily to be puckhandlers on the powerplay. I'm not saying they're awful at defense (though they have been at times this series), but a guy like Parise can easily exploit them. What the 'Canes need is a return to defensemen actually playing defense. I hope Coach Maurice worked with them on this during the day off.
  6. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    Hey guys, Just wanted to pop in and say congratulations on the win on Sunday. We played like utter crap and did not at all deserve the win - the final score was not indicative of how poor the Canes' stickhandling was. I fully expect the team that wins tonight to win the series. If we win, the series will be tied, but based on the way the 'Canes play, I think we'll be able to get it done - that's how we've operated in a lot of playoff series in the past and we still have a lot of the same guys from the Cup win. If you guys beat us tonight, it'll be too much of a lead - and the Devils have been the most consistent and disciplined team in hockey over the last decade or so, no way you guys blow a 3-1 lead. What I'm about to say is not trash-talking, it is my honest opinion - I was surprised that we were still able to keep it close with you guys as shoddy as our play was on Sunday. Joni Pitkanen looked absolutely lost out there and every single puck seemed to bounce off our sticks. In retrospect, the Devils should have won by 2 or more goals - but it ultimately ended up being an overtime game. So I wonder about you guys' ability to really get on the attack against us (other than the Parise line, which has been dynamite for you guys). I feel the Devils might come away with the win if you guys can get all of your lines rolling against us. Otherwise, I have a feeling we'll win tonight. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the game, and here's to a speedy recovery for Langenbrunner.
  7. oh, penguins fans...

    LOL. He'll have the last laugh if he ends up picking up some hot chick, though, you never know. If it works, more power to him.
  8. GDT: Canes at Devs... 7:30PM ROUND 1 GAME 2 MSG+

    Hello again Devils fans, Great game tonight, it definitely could have gone either way. I honestly thought the Devs had the edge in play, you guys were a lot more disciplined than we were. I think everyone knew that the 'Canes would not come out as flat tonight, though. Great performance by both teams. We got the goal when it counted, but I think everyone can stop wondering about whether Brodeur was ready for the playoffs, he made all the saves he should have and the goals he let in weren't his fault. Ward's also playing awesome for us - not surprisingly, it will probably goaltending that decides the series. Once again, good game, and I hope we have a couple more great contests in Raleigh starting on Sunday. Finally, all of us 'Canes fans would like to give our well-wishes to Langenbrunner and Pandolfo, I sincerely hope they're both all right.
  9. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

    No worries, we all mishear things. Here's to a great rest of the series.
  10. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

    Dude, CHILL OUT! I was saying there WASN'T poor officiating tonight, you just misunderstood my post. I was merely congratulating you guys on outplaying us, sheesh.
  11. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

    Hey Devils fans, Congratulations on the win tonight. If my 'Canes lose, I'd like for it to be like this - not because of poor officiating or brain-dead mistakes, but being outplayed by a quality opponent. You guys really took it to us in every phase of the game. Hope you all had fun watching, and we'll see you again Friday night. Go 'Canes.
  12. Canes' message boards

    Oh, none taken. Don't imagine you guys are too happy with us after the last two playoff series. Hope it's another fun series, we've had 3 so far and they've all been great, even the won where you guys beat us back in '01 provided plenty of drama.
  13. Canes' message boards

    I hope not, because forum wars on our board follow a very predictable and stupid pattern: "Hey, did you see what those hosers on the XXXXX message board said about us?" "Yeah! Let's have a really, really long discussion about that." **3 days later** "As an admin, I'm shutting down the thread and giving out 50 billion warning points to everyone."
  14. ESPN attempts to talk hockey.

    Broke college student who can't afford digital cable. We have it, though - I just don't get it where I live because of the $$$.
  15. OK, I know I'm naive

    Never had a problem with StubHub. They have this guarantee that if someone sends you BS tickets, you'll get all of your money back. The only thing I don't like about Stubhub is the commission they charge, but hey, I guess we all have to bring home the bacon. I even got tickets to an NCAA Tournament game the same day, they were fantastic.