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  1. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Actually it has been up there for about a month or so. The building was purchased in March for $1,050,000 including the liquor license valued around $150,000. They are hoping to open mid summer.
  2. Revitalization Around The Rock

    http://newarknjcre.wordpress.com/2009/04/2...ed-with-arenas/ The NYC Market is over-saturated with new sporting venues. NJ Devils and the Pru Center are in the best position due to being first movers while others are struggling with ticket sales, sponsorships, construction financing, etc... Great idea for the state of NJ to finance a refurb of the IZOD center...
  3. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Good to be a part of it. I hope I can bring some value to the board and learn a thing or two...
  4. Revitalization Around The Rock

    http://newarknjcre.wordpress.com/200...-remain-in-nj/ The atlantic yards will never happen, Nets will be sold, NJ will win the jump ball, and the Nets will play in Newark. Pretty simple if you ask me...