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  1. Game 4 GDT: Devils @ Flyers 7:30 EST

    Brodeur shaved his beard. All is lost.
  2. Game 4 GDT: Devils @ Flyers 7:30 EST

    The Devils are the Sharks of the East; I always think that "hey, it can't be worse that last time" but it still hurts like a b****. I guess I'll start cheering for my 2nd team now in the playoffs; I'm liking the Coyotes.
  3. GDT: NJ Devils vs Buffalo Sabres

    What channel is the game on for Optimum? I'm so confused...
  4. GDT: Thrashers @ Devils - 7:00PM

    It's really, really quiet over at the Rock. That worries me a little bit...
  5. Quebec City pushing for another team

    I'm not. Expansion is not an option right now, so some unlucky team is going to have to be moved to Quebec to make this happen. Having experienced the Devils almost moving to Nashville and knowing people whose teams were almost taken away from them, I don't wish this on anyone. I feel bad for the Jets, Whalers, Nordiques, Penguins, Predators, and Coyotes fans out there. And don't make some crack about how no one would miss the Preds or Coyotes anyway; we're not exactly the biggest fan base out there and if the Devils were in trouble, people would say the exact same things. So while, yes, Canada deserves more teams, no fans deserve to have their beloved team ripped away from them.
  6. Lemaire and Tremblay to NJ ?

    If Lemaire is hired and we end up with disgruntled players such as Parise and Zajac leaving in a couple years, I honestly believe Lamoriello should be fired.
  7. Comprehensive Free Agent Signing Thread

    Dear god, no!
  8. Comprehensive Free Agent Signing Thread

    That's a pretty good idea. The thing is, there'll be no need to add massive salary at the trade deadline if we're not in a position to contend for a playoff spot. I know I might be overreacting here but we can't take making the playoffs for granted. Everyone around has gotten better while we're stuck reminiscing about the glory days of Stanley Cups, Scott Stevens, and Scott Niedermayer. Heck, I watched the Elias special tonight because I wanted the feeling of winning a series again.
  9. Comprehensive Free Agent Signing Thread

    I wasn't so much commenting on the "one year deals" thing he said as much as his suggestion to do anything the Islanders have done in the last 15 years. You see, I don't consider the Islanders an elite franchise; I have my reasons.
  10. Comprehensive Free Agent Signing Thread

    Yeah, look where that got them.
  11. Zajac sees evenly matched finales in East, West

    "looking as though someone was stabbing him with needles as he re-lived the nightmare" Man, don't we all feel that way.
  12. Skype Help

    http://www.skype.com/download/skype/windows/downloading/ See how the first graphic ( Opening SkypeSetup.exe) says "which is a: Application"; mine says its a binary file. And, yes, I clicked the green button.
  13. Skype Help

    I'm relatively new here and only post on occasion. That's probably due to the fact that I'm not that great with computers and using the Internet. Anyway, I finally decided to download Skype since all my family (most of whom live on another continent) have it. I'm trying to download Skype 4.0 on Mozilla Firefox. Every time I open up the Download page on the Skype website and click download, the box in which you have an option to save the file or cancel comes up. The only difference I see between this and the graphic on the website is that in the "which is a:" section, my box says binary file as opposed to application. Even if I click Save File, it loads in the Downloads box on Mozilla Firefox and then just stops. I can't go on to the next step which requires me to open the Skype Setup application. I'd really appreciate any help.
  14. Clemmensen added to Team USA

    I believe Tim Thomas is kind of busy with a little thing called the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but, yeah, why wasn't Ryan Miller chosen?
  15. Zach Parise: We're getting tired of losing

    Does anyone like losing? I'm pretty sure no athlete is thinking to himself "Yeah, let's lose tonight!" unless they're pulling a Black Sox/Pete Rose scheme. You don't think?...Nah.