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  1. The "C"

    Langenbrunner FTW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ0_33ZLJJM
  2. Ovechkin the robot?

    Does anyone know where i can find a video of ovechkin waving bye to crosby and then doing the chicken thing? lol
  3. OOT Scoreboard - Sun. 5/3. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    If carolina ends up winning this series, then i'm pretty sure God hates the devils and just LOVES the hurricanes, but PLEASE boston, just destroy them. Even the thought of carolina winning this series disgusts me.
  4. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    Today was my birthday, I was having a great birthday, I got a new phone and then the rangers lost and i thought all i needed to make this an awesome birthday was for the devils to win. This loss just made this one of the worst birthdays ive had in a while.
  5. I kind of expected this to happen, you had to expect Carolina to come out rockin, and they did. The desperate team almost ALWAYS plays better, I do not expect the same type of game in game 7. You have to look at how this series has gone - back and forth and that would mean Carolina would win tonight. I did not expect the devils to win tonight really BUT I do expect them to win game 7. This team has rebounded before and I believe they will again. It's gonna be a long wait to tuesday
  6. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    These dumb fvcks on versus need to learn to read. The rule CLEARLY says the goalie CAN NOT be bumped outside the crease and yet these idiots just keep going on about there should be no penalty because he was outside his crease.
  7. Ovechkin, Backstrom mock Rangers' stick salute

    Ovechkin <3. Lol i live in NY and all I can say is that the ranger fans at my school are sooooooooooo fvcking pissed about Ovechkin and they also think there should be like 20 more penalties called on the caps even though the rangers get like 7 power plays a game and score on them like 1 out of every 50.
  8. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    Sorry, didn't mean to quote you lol I was just speaking in general.
  9. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    Some of you guys saying this series is over need to look back on the year. Time after time, this team has rebounded from loss after loss and yet STILL you don't believe in them. The canes have not been outplaying the devils, the devils have mostly dominated the games but Ward has been outstanding for them. Sure there were some goals marty should of had but the way I look at it, if they're as pissed as I am right now, there's no way they'd lose game 5 or this series. I expect the devils to take what happened at the end of this game and just fvcking roll over the candy canes. P.S. - the canes are the new rangers