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  1. Stupid that this is becoming a big deal.
  2. Was Taormina even playing?
  3. Why would that have anything to do with the Devils?
  4. Parise is out 3 months. Wow.

  5. 3 months for Parise........
  6. Parise injured? Might as well blame that on Kovalchuk too.
  7. Š„klund? What are you talking about?
  8. Maybe Parise really is unhappy in NJ and his play is showing it. Now someone is going to say something stupid to this comment and fail to realize it's a joke.
  9. Blow the fvcking team up.
  10. We haven't in awhile.
  11. Kings will be having a ceremony for former captain Mattias Norstrom
  12. Game won't start til around 11.
  13. He is saying we wouldn't be in 1st either way.
  14. Yeah, it says he can be activated tomorrow.
  15. Then don't respond. It's not that hard to do. It wasn't a prediction anyway.