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  1. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    DO OR DIE IN THE ROCK!!!!! Make that place SHAKE Devil's fans. One win, LETS GO DEVILS
  2. VS Commercial for Rags Caps

    Not sure if you guys have been paying attention but Vs. has been showing their commercial for tomorrow's Rags Caps game quite a bit. I like the ad campaign they are doing, but this one is just god. A slow-mo shot of that god damn Matteau goal, and THEY JUST KEEP SHOWING IT and then you have to hear that call and all my nightmares keep coming back. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this and had their stomachs turned inside out. Personally I'm kind of praying the Rangers find some way to squeeze past the Caps and Bruins, and we meet them in the confernce finals because I WANT REVENGE!!! Ok end rant.
  3. I believe most people feel he never fully healed from that injury that left him sitting most of those games towards the end of the season, and its still nagging him. Not that he got hurt during this series.
  4. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 4/20. ECQF & WCQF - Round 1.

    Looks like tomorrow will be the last day of the first round afterall. I was expecting more from the Flames and the Sharks tonight.
  5. After a long drive I read a sign that said "Welcome to New Jersey" today. Best omen ever. Sutter is gone by either Lou's hand or his own if tomorrow goes badly, but tomorrow is going to be glorious so this discussion is bunk.
  6. If the Canes wanted it more then us this whole series, then they would of won games 1,3,5 and we would of packed it in last week. It was a terrible lose, but tonight isn't the story of the series. It just shows what happens when we play flat and the other team plays for their lives in their house. Game 4 was the same, we suck in that building and when the canes faced a must-win at home they responded, while we sat back content in the fact we had a safety net. Also If Marty didn't want it, he wouldn't of stopped 44 shots and played out of his mind in the game before, and do his damn best to keep us in this one when his defense couldn't clear a zone for their lives. I don't know why its so hard to admit that tonight atleast we got outplayed for 60 mins for the first time by this team. Both teams had one game where they owned, both have one OT win, and each has a crazy one goal victory. It is a even series. The doom and gloom is pointless. Game 7 is in out house, this team has fire, they have shown it many times this year, they have showed it in this series. Not worth packing it in until after the handshakes Tuesday.
  7. No you are right, tonight was terrible, but there were a few one timers late that I feel could of been goals on a more average goalie. I meant more about the other 5 games, lesser goalie in the net we score ton more goals, we win game 4 and game 2 and this series is long over. We played like crap tonight, but as a series as a whole The Canes deserve some credit, at least Ward does.
  8. I've thought the same thing before this damn series even began. We survive this I think we can take anything else the East has. They have to keep the big guns on the ice longer. If the series trend continues this is our game to lose. I'm just afraid Marty might have to steal another one for us to get over that hump.
  9. Also I think we don't credit the Canes for playing good Hockey when they need to, plus that Cam Ward can be a god damn wall when he has to be. If we survive game 7, I expect the top lines to start lighting it up again, just watching some of the stupid saves Ward has made. He has stolen a lot of goals from us.
  10. I think after this Marty should be more then fired up. I'm just afraid he might have to steal another one for us to survive, unless something else breaks in the rest of the teams head. You have to admit though, for all the problems we've been pointing out about the Devils, we've had plenty of good looks offensively this series and Ward has played pretty much out of his mind. I think i'm sick of Ward more then I'm sick of the Canes.
  11. Ya you are right. The way this series has gone, it was destined to go the distance. I wonder though if a tough grind it out series like this, if we win, either helps or hurts us in the later rounds. I'll just be glad to be playing a team that doesn't have a wall for a goalie like Ward has been.
  12. Keys for winning game 7

    We need to not allow 30+ shots on goal in a game. I think thats pretty damn simple, three straight games we let that happen, its disgusting how bad the defense has been at clearing the zone.
  13. Four years for me, the fans up here are just utter nightmares. I'm DIEING for us to last and face their Bruins and crush them so I can sit in their bars and gloat about it. I agree with the guy a few posts above me I just want this series over with. So sick of the damn Candy Canes.
  14. I blame this on myself, the Hockey gods cursed me. I was supposed to drive back down to Jersey from Bruins/Sux town and watch this game with a bunch of Devils friends after purchaseing my offical playoff shirt that was supposed to be my ratty, dirty charm to get us through this whole playoffs. I changed plans and decided to leave tomorrow. The Hockey Gods got me back for it.
  15. Well if we are soft serve tonight then we have to just plant their face in this. Remind them of the bad old days as the Whale.