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  1. Think Marty will stop overreacting to bumps now?

    Evening and greetings! Flames fan here. Registered just to say that I feel your pain considering Furlatt had already screwed the Flames over on a similar missed call on an OT GWG against the Hawks by Havlat. To be honest I shook my head in disbelief when I saw that he was in charge last night. Just chiming in to give you a bit of historical perspective regarding the bumbling fool that is Eric Furlatt. Here's an Olli Jokinen goal that he disallowed at the end of March against Minnesota for goalie interference. Work that one out. After that Kerry Fraser came out at the start of the 3rd and told Jim Playfair (assistant coach) that Furlatt had effed up and that he was sending him out early so the crowd could let him know what they thought. Case closed you'd think. Not so. Next day, Furlatt is praised for his call by the director of officiating, Stephen Walkom. http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Hockey/2009/...935756-sun.html So they reward Furlatt by making him a playoff ref. What does he do? First game, changes his own rules and proceeds to screw the Flames over when Ladd crashes into Kipper on the GWG. http://images.cbssports.com/u/gettyimages/...00_1024x768.jpg Then what does he do? Gets another game where he proceeds to (IMO) job you folks over last night. Jokinen looked behind him and knew where Brodeur was. Incidental contact in my book. Funnily enough Walkom hasn't commented on the last 2 incidents. My point. There's no bloody consistancy. As things stand at the moment the refs seem to flip a mental coin whether to call interference or not. Anyways, all the best and good luck.