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  1. Happy happy B'day!

  2. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread

    Leyritz really took his life and flushed it right down the toilet.
  3. OOT Scoreboard - Wed. 5/13. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    Here comes the comeback!
  4. OOT Scoreboard - Wed. 5/13. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    There is no god!!
  5. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread

    No Jeter again and Gardner, Pena and Cervelli round out the bottom of the order. Looks like I won't be needing to DVR Lost tonight.
  6. OOT Scoreboard - Wed. 5/13. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    I hope AO puts on a scoring clinic tonight. Go Caps!
  7. Why Brodeur needs to win a Cup before he retires

    You win! Could not have said it any better myself. As bad as Game 7 ended I will give Brodeur credit for one thing- at least he didn't play like "the best goalie in the world to never win a damn thing" the other night. I don't need to say his name, we all know who he is.
  8. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread

    I just hope Jackson is the real deal like everyone keeps saying. I'm getting very tired of hearing Mark Newman tell us how "great" all our prospects are when in reality anyone that has a brain knows we aren't producing all these great young players the Yankees like to make us think they are. I need to see if I can find my game program from a couple of years ago that had the minors breakdown in it. Newman said Hughes has a Clemens like fastball (I have yet to see anything close to that) and Ian Kennedy was a young Greg Maddux (I don't think so) and Jose Tabata was a mini Manny Ramirez (please stop the insanity) I understand these kids are young (and if Tabata was really a mini Manny we wouldn't have traded him away to get Nady and Marte) but I have yet to see anything close to what Newman thinks he see's in these kids (save for Jackson because I have not seen him play to have a opinion on him yet). I hope to god at the least Jackson is what they are claiming him to be. This team needs a real legit center fielder in the worst way possible. I can live with Melky for now (I have no use for Gardner other then a pinch runner or to lay down a bunt late in the game) but this team needs a true player for center.
  9. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread

    The honeymoon with Swisher is over. He is turning into garbage to. Well, at least they were able to scratch one run across. I'm not holding my breath for any more.
  10. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread

    One hit through 6 innings? One goddamn hit? I knew this was a night to go out and run some errands. Halladay just toys with us year in and year out.
  11. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 5/11. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

  12. New Jersey Baseball

    I would like to agree with that 100% I have been a Yankees fan since I was born. There is still a picture in my parents house of me 3 days after I was born wearing a Yankee shirt. My old man didn't wait to long to start that process of grooming me. I have invested to many years and to much time to ever turn my back on this team even if a team ever did come to NJ. I can't ever just drop a team I have cheered for for the last 30 years. As much as I hate the Rags and Flyers I don't blame their fans one bit for not jumping ship when a team came to NJ. I can't blame them because I wouldn't do it either if MLB ever put a team in NJ which we have a better chance of seeing Christ come down from the heavens then that ever happening.
  13. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread

    Damon is red hot right now. Huge HR to give us the win. Aubrey Huff is a scumbag. Don't know if anyone saw his ridiculous fist pump after hitting the HR rounding first and then again crossing the plate showing Joba up. I'm a little annoyed he didn't get drilled the next time up but I guess they figured they needed a win more then retaliating. Hopefully next time they knock him on his ass.
  14. I really wish they would just go the fvck away already

    Pick your destruction. A loaded gun to the head or cyanide poisoning? If the Caps or Bruins don't find a way to come back and make it to the ECF I am not going to be able to stomach knowing the Canes or Pens will be in the SCF. I would rather be tied to a chair and kicked repeatedly in the groin for two weeks straight. Hockey is getting to be way to cruel lately.
  15. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread

    I turned it off and went out after the 2nd inning. I wasn't going to let these slobs ruin my Saturday night as well. They did a good enough job during the week. I saw that Joba also popped a blood vessel in his thumb last night during warmup and is going to be a game time decision. The hits just keep on coming.