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  1. Bergfors has got to be chomping at the bit. Especially because he's had small doses of the NHL. IMO, in his VERY limited amount of ice time he looked good
  2. Really, I'm pretty sure Elias is our all time leading scorer. And obviously Elias does have leadership qualities or else Julien wouldn't have named him captain.
  3. I'm, hoping Bergfors can have a 20-25-45 season. But that might be a little optimistic
  4. What I don't get is why everyone thinks Jamie is a good captain? Just cause he produced for one season, because of his playing style? The fact is he takes stupid penalties at the worst possible time, and he whines often. Look, I love the guy but Elias is a more logical answer. He's been here way longer, he plays in every situation (I''m aware Langs does too), but in my opinion he leads by example. Sure he may not be the most vocal player but neither was Stevens. I think his loyalty is amazing and it definitely rivals Marty's.
  5. Do you happen to know what Zajac's terms are or just speculating? no its speculation. But its gotta be cheaper than arbitration
  6. Thank you Lou, and to boot we definitely got him cheaper than if he went to arbitration so maybe that frees up another million for a 2nd line center
  7. any chance Tedenby makes the team?
  8. wow this could really turn into a mess. i cant fathom that lou would offer an unfair contract to zajac especially after what has happened on july 1st (or lack there of). Either zajac thinks too highly of himself or lou wtf
  9. I haven't really heard much on this board about Mike Comrie. Before going to Ottawa he seemed like he had some real skill on a terrible Islanders team. Do you think he could fill the 2nd line center vacancy?
  10. He scored 23 goals two seasons ago for the NYR and its not like he was playing with the most talented people here.
  11. eh the D was solid enough, they just played soft at the worst times
  12. Maybe it is a little too much money but Nash has never had a legit #1 center like a Backstrom. I have no doubt in my mind that if he had a great center he would be hovering around the 50 goal mark perennially.
  13. I dont understand, they have plenty of physical players (Pronger, Cote, Alberts, Carcillo) why?
  14. is anderson a ufa?
  15. Why Calgary? Kipper is not as good as people think, i believe they will struggle offensively without Cammalleri