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  1. Kovalchuk was awesome in Devils red

    not sure what this love affair with kovy is.. personally i 100% do not want to see him as a devil next year. he was exciting to watch but the devils are not that type of team. time after time in the playoffs he refused to just dump it in the corner and go to work. the team became reliant on him every shift. ... "i have the puck? oh look for kovy, i have to pass to him" then kovy would skate in on 5 guys, while everyone watched, lose and it would come back the other way. instead of 5 guys working together, getting the puck in the corner and out working the other team.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing brodeur leave

    I know he is the face of the franchise, but i think his time here is almost done. I know its easy for people on sportscenter who never watch a devils game then look at brodeurs numbers and say he is the best goalie ever. But for me, i watched 90% of his games here in NJ and he has the numbers but I don't find him to be a great puck stopping goalie. What i think brodeur is amazing at, is directing rebounds, playing the puck outside the crease, and assisting in breakouts. But when it comes to making the key saves and DEFINITELY not chocking, time and time again he fails. I have been through too many play-off years ending on soft soft goals by him. He played the majority of his years behind the best defensive core in hockey, look at clemenson this year, he put up identical #'s as brodeur has done for the past years. Brodeur was a young rookie, in the right spot at the right time, just as an amazing defensive team was being born. Lets get a young kid in here that wants to stand on his head and win a stanley cup
  3. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    no they would be selling 5000 more tickets from the box office, and the game would acutally be sold out.
  4. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    wow.. that's pretty funny how you try to disprove my "i have been going to games" argument by saying "i have been going to the games since '87" - LMAO that was pretty comical, borderline insane (literally) either way I have been going to the games b4 '87 for whatever it is worth.
  5. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    the straight fact that the box office has tickets, and i am searching on scalper sites is what hurting the devils.
  6. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    you are in a dream land if you think games 1,2,3 were sell outs. tickets were available 10 mins before game time. i have gone to all devils final home games. those are sell outs. not 3000 empty seats.
  7. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    b/c right now 5000 people are buying tickets from scalpers rather then the box office. and the box office has plenty of tickets left.
  8. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    http://www.ticketsplus.com/ResultsTicket.a...++-+Home+Game+4 case closed to the replier that said "no way you can find playoff upperdeck lower then face". EVERY TICKET IS BELOW FACE UPPER LEVEL AS WE SPEAK
  9. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    oh lord oh mighty. people dont understand how 2 tickets circulating between a scalper and a would be box office buyer is hurting the box office. I was at the first 3 games, i don't care what they announced, those 95$ seats on the lower ends did not sell out. i check 20 mins before game time and they were available from the box office, and they were scattered at the game.
  10. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    i would agree with that.
  11. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    pretty sure thats waht i am saying the tickets from the box office are over priced. so i guess i do understand them.
  12. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    eh.. you aren't understanding. yes the scalper is not going to go to the game, but he will sell his tickets, either for profit or to get rid of them before the game, so someone is going to the game with those tickets. now.. if the seats actually cost 60$; the scalper would have bought them for 60$ from the box office and so would I = 4 tickets sold from the box office the way it is now; the tickets cost 95$; the scalper bought 2 tickets for 95$ and then i bought them from him rather then the box office for less = 2 tickets from the box office. those 2 tickets circulated amongst postbox office buyers, rather then me going to the box office to buy new ones. the same tix are for sale right now from the arena.
  13. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    yes correct.. however, the fans just end up ciricling the same # of tickets, instead of people just going to buy a ticket from the box office. example: I just bought 2 lower level seats in section 5 off some joe schmoe website for 109$ with service charges. the box office has the same seats available for 95$ EACH. So instead of the box office selling 4 tickets and making say $120 ($60 each). They only sold 2 tickets, which in return were rebought, and they lost the sale and the extra fans.
  14. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    That is totally untrue. Right now I can sit anywhere on the lower level ends for 55$ off all broker sites. they are 95$ face value tickets. Any ticket that is not upstairs corners is below face value on all broker sites. And the upstairs corners are going for 45$. Basically anything thing that is not a club seat can be found for around 50$ right now. So my point exactly is; why do i go pay 95$ for a lower end seat (they are still available in the box office) if i can get them for 55$ from a broker? and this is GAME 7 doesn't get much more of must have ticket then that. and if you search, i have seen upper deck for 26$, 35$, etc. these are all 40$+ seats.
  15. Tickets from ebay,stubhub,scalpers

    This is just something I have realised lately with the devils playoffs tickets, yankees stadium, and citi field opening. Teams are making their tickets higher because of what they are seeing their seats sell for on stubhub, especially teams with new buildings/stadiums. Something it seems they didn't take into account is that, they rely on scalpers selling tickets over face value to sell all their tickets from the box office. When i want to go to a devils game now-a-days i don't even check the official box office, because everything on ebay, stubhub, etc is cheaper then the face value. The teams did succeed in cutting down on the scalpers market, however it also cuts down on their market. Instead of say 5,000 fans tonight buying face value tickets from the box office, they are going to those other outlets to buy tickets for less then face value. And then in return the arena has to sell tickets for less then face value as well with their family 4 pack deals, college night deals, 20$ ticket line, etc