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  1. FYI cheap authentics

    i support the knockoff because $300 for a jersey with stitching on the numbers/name is a ripoff in my eyes. oh and take a minute to google earth one of those knockoff chinese factories and the location of the "official" jersey factory. my friend did and wouldnt you know it, they are on the same street. i have way better things to do with $300, but for $40 one can sit in the stands and represent with a smile. i mean if you/i have the extra cash than buy official all the way, but for those that dont its the best option out there for something most folks wear only when they attend a game or watching on the couch at home. oh and you can take the cash you saved and buy a beer and a dog at the rock. i guess to each their own, and so on!
  2. i just wanted to thank one of our fellow board members. he contacted me privately and did not respond here on the board, so i will respect his privacy. he generously donated two tickets to the florida panthers game in january to my company's toys for tots breakfast with santa fundraiser. his donation helped my location raise over $2500 for local NJ communities. the announcement of the 2 tickets being raffled drew one of the louder reactions of the morning. thanks again and lets go devils!!!
  3. hi...i work for with a well known restaurant franchisee that is based here in NJ. every holiday season our company throws a 1.5 month long event to raise money for toys for tots. the highlight of which is a "breakfast with santa" hosted by the many locations here in NJ. all proceeds go to the local toys for tots offices in OUR local community. i work at the store level and in an effort to raise even more money for the kids in need here in nj we have a raffle for prizes that range from simple board games to top of the line tvs. each individual location is responsible for acquiring their own prizes. the type of prize determines the price of the raffle ticket. in the end every single dollar and cent goes to the charity. all of those that help put the event on volunteer their time for this breakfast, and the weeks leading up to it. i am posting in hopes that if anyone here has 2-4 tixs that they will not be using for any date after december 5, 2009, would consider donating. this is a legit request and i can provide a letterhead along with a tax i.d. # to make this a charitable donation on your end of year taxes. i appreciate the time you have taken to read this. any inquires may email me at maddoxmort@yahoo.com. please put "toys for tots" in the subject line, so i do not skip over it. thanks...
  4. Are the NJ Devils better this year?

    i have been wondering this for a bit now. only seen the two games on t.v., but bergsfor has impressed. he has been all over the puck in the offensive zone. i am excited about the young guys. i figure once elias gets back there will only be room for two offensive rookies. havnt really seen much of peters but the buzz has been leaning toward leblond. what i am worried abiut is the defense. martin has got to be stronger and more physical to lead this D. i like the size of fraser, but have not really seen much of his play. murphy produces points if, and its a big if, he stays healthy. he seems fragile. the D was successful last season, but from alot of the news reports it sounds like alot of the league are coming back in better shape than ever. it means fast, strong offense. can the devils D keep up? they arent the most physical as a defensive group. believe it or not even after the loss of some long time devil offensive players its the D that has me worried this year, and with the devils this is not a normal feeling. i just hope lou does not go shopping for anymore aging players. if you are going to spend the 3 mill or so left.. younger, bigger, faster would be a smart move in my eyes.
  5. Gdt: Ps Game 2 Devils @ Islanders 7:00pm

    i liked the young guys last night. bergfor, halischuk, seissito(no idea how to spell). i hope they are back in there tonight against philly. the devils could use a youth boost. as for martin it was his first game back this season. he gets a pass, but tonight he better show the martin that will lead the D!!
  6. Could It Be A Choice Between Andy Greene And Cory Murphy?

    i agree mottau is solid and he makes smart decisions. he is also not afraid to pinch in when needed on offense. my only drawback about murphy is that he is extremely fragile. his last two seasons he has had good numbers only to be cut short by injuries he appears to be the kind of player who does not "play through it" like you expect hockey players to do. if he stays healthy he can really add a boost to this PP. defensivley though he is nothing special. probably a bit more talented than greene with the offense. would hate to lose greene though. i really enjoyed his play last year for a young guy.
  7. Devils Reduce Training Camp Roster To 42

    exactly. i thought he looked calm on the point in the offensive zone against the rags
  8. Devils Reduce Training Camp Roster To 42

    i liked what i saw of urborn against the rags. sure he looked nervous but he had one or two smart shifts. he got caught a bit to though. he def wont make the team. is he still eligible to go back to juniors? i hope so cause he would probably progress better there than in lowell
  9. smart fans at the rock this year?

  10. Devils Dont Like Any Preseason Games

    anyone else notice that the devils are barely playing any preseasons games compared to alot of the other teams. seems like the rags are playing every other day, and the isles are playing quite a bit too. i would imagine that to many is a bit dangerous, but at the same time wouldnt not playing enough have your team not playing cohesively? for a team that lost some long time veterans it seems that a bit more playing time would of been nice to see what the up and comer kids can do!?!
  11. Well, Versus is officially off of DirectTV

    is bettman shaking right now? i remember during the second half of last season one of the topics brought up when bettman met with nhlpa reps was tv coverage. the commish said he was staying withh vs. no matter what cause it was what is right for the nhl? how bout now sir since almost every bar/restaurant uses direct tv thanks to the nfl ticket package. is this channel still whats best for the new nhl?
  12. Food around the Rock

    i understand the perk for the season ticket holders, but do u offer any discount for those of us who purchase other plans where u dont get a card?
  13. Food around the Rock

    ferry st bbq is about a 5-10 minute walk down, well, ferry st. portuguese bbq. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP.big portions and tasty food. byob. 4 people can eat for $30. small place but if you are there by 5:30 you should beat the dinner rush for a night game
  14. well the devils are nice enough to allow you to pick sections, and if available actual rows/seats if available for the games you want. the thing is they were very accomadating and always in contact the first year i did this. the last few though its a different story. they are almost real relaxed in processing my payment. its been a few days since i sent up my order and its still not processed. kind of frustrating especially if the price range i want is gone. i will be calling up there in the morning to see if they are going to process my order cause there is yet to be a charge on my card at all.
  15. indeed, yes indeed!!