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  1. Doc Emrick joins NBC, has left MSG.

    I love that Doc Emrick is trending on Twitter - that's great stuff.
  2. Doc Emrick joins NBC, has left MSG.

    Season ticket sales should increase now. His voice was that good.
  3. $22 Season Tix?

    he probably realized he had talent as a salesman and wanted to make more than $8 a hour
  4. Will Devils resign Doc Emerick?

    I thought he lived in Michigan?
  5. Devils Smartphone App

    Obscure - I know. But how about a "This Date In Devils History" thing to tap on inside the app.
  6. Huge NHL/NBC deal

    Another name change? OLN...Versus...??? "NBC will continue to broadcast a national regular game of the week, as well as the Winter Classic. Versus -- which NBC Sports Group chairman Dick Ebersol hinted will soon be getting a new identity -- will also continue to broadcast a game of the week, as well as the league's annual All-Star Game and any future Heritage Classic outdoor games held in Canada."
  7. Sean Avery Playing for "Other" Team

    I don't think it's funny. It's 2011 - grow up and be more creative when trying to make insults.
  8. Ottawa Game (3/17)

    Please don’t bite my head off if this post isn’t in the appropriate section. I’m heading to the Ottawa game next Thursday night. We’ll be on the glass behind the net (Devils shoot twice side). Has anyone ever been up there? Any suggestions for bars before/after the game? Also - is anyone on here going? Maybe meet up?
  9. 2011-12 season renewal info

    I will complain until Club Seats are $10 and Suites are free.
  10. Anyone going to the Devils game in Ottawa on 3/17?

  11. Devils Trade Arnott to Capitals

    Steckel to wear #25 - classic Lou.
  12. Next 3 games...

    18-4 must be our goal
  13. Ticket Price Discounting Discussion

    WOW... There are 6 pages that I haven't read on this thread (so why are you posting then???), but here is a PRIME example of what the original post is talking about (and why I will not be renewing my full season next year). Email that went out today by the Devils: 3 games in the balcony/mezzanine (where I bought my tickets for $45 a seat = over $3,500 committment to the team in April 2010) $59...total. I paid $135. Screw you Devils. Not cool. PS - Go Devils
  14. Need 2 tickets to practice/meet greet

    these are gone now...
  15. Need 2 tickets to practice/meet greet

    i'm giving 2 tix away for this - let me know if anyone wants them.