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  1. An Unfortunate Way To End

    Thanks. Will do that in the future.
  2. An Unfortunate Way To End

    Well, it was one hell of a Stanley Cup run. I sure as hell didn't expect them to get as far as they did. It's a shame that they had to end this way. That 5 minute major put them in huge hole so early in the game that the rest wasn't fun to watch. It's easy to forget how devastating they can be, not just the length of time but also how the player doesn't come out after a goal is scored. If that penalty hadn't happened, the game probably would have been another close one. Hopefully, they can build on this and prove to be a strong contender again next year.
  3. So, what's the problem with that ? If you have extra cap room in 2 years, what is the problem with signing somebody and giving them some extra cash in 2 years ? If you are under the cap, you should be able to spend that money as you wish. I don't see how's that's worse than the current situation.
  4. If the league didn't want this to happen, they shouldn't have made the cap hit be the average salary over the contract length. Each year, the team should take a cap hit equal to what they pay the player that year. In other words, each of those 5 years Kovalchuk is paid $11.5M, the team should take an $11.5M cap hit. If the player is traded or retires, the team obviously won't take the cap hit for that year. Why exactly do they take the average salary instead of the annual salary ?
  5. Time for LL to make some Major Changes..

    Wow, this is REALLY depressing. Since 2003, they have been a consistent regular season powerhouse but never go anywhere in the playoffs. I certainly don't expect them to win the cup every year, but they should at least be getting past the first round. As much as I'd like to see them win 3 in a row hear, I can't realistically see that happen.