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  1. USA's 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    So Nike "Flywire" is the marketing term they're going with to describe the fake laces?
  2. GDT: New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers 7PM MSG+

    As do I, but what's with the latex glove? Is that a normal goaltender thing to do or is it more of a feminine/GQ/hand model/d-bag thing?
  3. Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

    Woo! No more lockouts until 2021 (assuming, of course, these idiots figure this out in the next 9 months)
  4. Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

    I was very hopeful until a couple of minutes ago after I read the Fehr memo. I just want a decision made one way or the other as to whether or not we're having a season this year. I'm so tired of reading this garbage everyday.
  5. Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

    NHL.com has the full proposal laid out on the website. Gee, they're not trying to save face at all, are they? http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=643570 "Following is the full text of the NHL's offer for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in order to preserve a full, 82-game season that the National Hockey League presented Tuesday to the NHL Players' Association (along with the accompanying commentary and descriptions also provided to the NHLPA). While the original intention was not to release the details of the offer publicly, not surprisingly there have been widespread reports attempting to describe and characterize the terms of the offer that understandably are incomplete. As a result, we believe that full public disclosure at this stage is both necessary and appropriate." Oh, well. I just want it agreed upon and finalized.
  6. Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

    May as well get comfortable. This could take awhile. "One more sign the NHL lockout will be a long one popped up Friday when players for the farm teams of the Columbus Blue Jackets and New Jersey Devils, including a number of players on NHL contracts, were told to secure housing for the entire American Hockey League season." http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/globe-on-hockey/one-more-sign-the-nhl-lockout-will-be-a-long-one/article4609079/
  7. Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

    How many canceled games will it take to miss out on more money than what they're actually arguing over?
  8. From the "Holy crap, imagine being THIS bad!" files

    Moving from NJ to KC and living here for the last 20 years, I would say an NHL team in Kansas City would go over about as well as a Sean Avery bobblehead night at the Rock. We have a very minor league team (Central Hockey League)that actually draws really well, but the most expensive seat in the arena is $35 on any given night. Bring in an NHL team that charges $150+ for a lower level seat, the team doesn't have a chance. There is zero interest in hockey here.
  9. GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    19 shots to 6. Pathetic.
  10. GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    We can't let guys stand in front of the net. They've been doing it all game. Clear them out of there!
  11. GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    Oh, Bernier. I hate you right now
  12. GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    I've been nervous all day and now I'm anxious. I feel pretty good about tonight. Let's score early, boys. 2-0 after the first. LGD!
  13. GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    100% of all Game 6 games have one team up 3-2 in the series. Forget the 3-0 lead LA had. Let's win one tonight and take it back home for a Game 7
  14. I've replayed that "non-goal" over and over, and I just don't get it. Should be 4-4