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  1. Every forward looks like a superstar playing us.
  2. How can you hate on a guy that celebrates scoring like any of us would.
  3. Good don't scratch Fayne
  4. If you really think they played "fairly well today" I don't wanna be a "fan". It's a forum...people rant. Don't login after a loss if you dislike it.
  5. Mine's with an A instead of E darn it!
  6. Article
  7. Greene
  8. Added: Lou Zajac Elias 95 Cup Goal Scott Stevens LINK
  9. Thank you
  10. Added 6 new ones on my hobby webpage, including a Lokti. I'll keep adding more there.
  11. Copy/paste this on signature edit [img][/img]
  12. Indeed. Check my sig.
  13. NP. soon as pre-season begins