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  1. Who?
  2. Lovejoy was taking really bad penalties and making VERY bad choices on the ice. He is always losing battles in front and shoving opposing players into Cory.. I really don't get why he is in over Auvitu at this point.
  3. Oh josefson.. just so close every time
  4. Now that is a goal!
  5. Good goal
  6. Lol nice coverage their Lovejoy.
  7. Just make sure to stay on your feet and work hard low and in the corners. And stay away from the sharp angle try. You'll hurt yourself that way.
  8. I really don't get why we wanted him back so quickly with his -6 rating lol
  9. Poor cory
  10. Can't win unless we shoot the fking puck. Oh and shut down Burns ffs
  11. Nice to see Parenteau get back on the board. Great chance for cammy created by miles. Not liking how this game is being called so far at all though.
  12. Let's keep this momentum going. They are finally starting to look like a cohesive unit. LGD
  13. Nothing like getting a "Let's Go Devils" chant going with Mom's church group!
  14. No Ramo, no problem. I feel like we were cursed with that guy. We got this. LGD!
  15. This game blowsss.