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  1. I missed the 2nd to 3rd period, but I was reading up on this. Was there any context to this? Looks like Hall got him more with the butt end of the stick.
  2. Refs missed a clear left jab there by pouliot....
  3. LOL - when they did the Jersey tour with Dano, Grant and Bruce back in 2010, he also let me wear his ring (after quite a few drinks) at the Mannion's bar in Somerville. He even walked away and left me with it for like ten minutes. He eventually came back and bought me and my buddies a round of drinks. Ring was heavy asf
  4. Now Quincey doesn't want to do anything when mcdavid crashes into Schneider. Gosh Loss in ot again? Ahaha
  5. Well that was interesting
  6. Andersen holding parenteau down, what a b!tch
  7. He can't stop!
  8. Miles Mendoza can't finish for sht...
  9. Haha just when I thought I've seen the worst out of this team, they pull off a first period like this. Comical.
  10. Softest boarding call I've ever seen
  11. Ditto I hate the canes. Still jaded from ten yrs ago
  12. Not liking the way how this game is being twisted by these fking refs
  13. Hall back in, hope that's enough spark to play like they give a sh!t tonight. LGD
  14. This is the worst team HOCKEY wise ive ever seen.