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  1. greene's worst game I've ever.
  2. What a crock of fcking sht
  3. Fck I don't know why but I hate the flames so much and fvcking 8 ft tall ramo every time
  4. Well sh!tty
  5. Lol I like how first and second stars went to Sens players and stemp was third
  6. Momentum of the game changed after the tootoo fight
  7. What a win. Let's still waive lil gio his time was up since 2013
  8. There we go!! God senators such cryasses
  9. These sens really like to embellish, it's getting on my nerves.
  10. Place him on waivers. Waste of space on the roster and send a message to rest of the team. Zero tolerance for stupid sh!t like that. Now we are down 4-2
  11. Cmon Devils - let's get that first W tonight!
  12. I remember when he came in relief for the first time:
  13. He was a great asset to the team on and off the ice.
  14. Harrold is on this team, why again?