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  1. Holy sh!t man! You could feed a small, third-world country for what all those sweaters must have cost. Damn! Of course I am just jealous. I have been a fan for about 35 years and I have Devils related sweaters: 1. Devils red like the one Peluso is wearing above. 2. KC Scouts old style away (when teams wore white at home) 3. Trenton Devils I also have a Trenton Titans sweater, but that's not Devs related. I don't think the Titans ever had any link to the Devs, but my memory ain't what it used to be. Anyway, sweet collection man. So do you have any good places to find deals? I am a cheap mofo. EDIT: ah, I see some good info in the posts after the one above. Nice. Sounds like an expensive hobby. I really want a Rockies sweater, a green'n'red Devs jersey, and I may buy one game worn Jersey at some point. If I did I would want Resch though and I can't imagine those are easy to find or anywhere near my price range.
  2. I know exactly where I would like this all to go. Our third jersey should be the good old red'n'green throwbacks. I'd love seeing those babies from time to time. Out logo is perfect, so anything except minor adjustments would be a travesty. Unlike some franchises (eg-the Hurricanes) we got a world beating logo on the first try. Don't screw with perfection. As for the community, I would love to see more involvement back in the middle part of the state (and even the south). We have got to drive the damn Flyers fans out of OUR home turf. Put a team back in Trenton and really invest in it please! Get the boys down to the shore. I know our team isn't a major competitor right now, but we will be. So who would you rather root for: a team that delivers on greatness like the Devils or one that has merely teased it since the mid-70s? Thanks very much. You may go back to you normal programming.
  3. I lived in Salem County for 2 years and I totally agree; it is just like Alabama. People forget that Salem is below the Mason-Dixon Line (just a wee bit)c so it is theoretically "southern". I never saw so much nothing in NJ as when I lived in Salem and I literally sang out of sheer joy when my car crossed the county line leaving Salem for the last time. You could say I didn't much care for the place.
  4. I cannot agree with this more. The Trenton I grew up with and loved is all but a memory. The era of the great Chambersburg restaurants is over. Almost all have moved out of Trenton save for a handful. The remaining few are struggling and those that have fled are mostly pale imitations of their former selves. Trenton once had some of the best pizza in the nation but now there is hardly a single pizza place inside the city limits and all the best have left. Soon my wife and I will have to move because both of our kids have special needs for when they begin school and the Trenton school district cannot even begin to meet those needs. I hate leaving, but I cannot afford to stay. If things continue this way we will be reduced to being a glorified ghetto in short order. The sad part is that Trenton's position between NY and Philadelphia makes it a great location to live, do business, etc, but the city govt has done a poor job exploiting what resources we have and has lost many of the assets we once possessed. I dare say, however, that this is typical of NJ. As much as I love this state, we have mismanaged our cities for decades and it is biting us in the arse. But that's just my $.02. oh, we call it "pork roll" here. Never heard anyone say anything else.
  5. Trenton Makes and the World Takes baby!!!! Whooooo..... so I'm guessing there's not a lot of kosher food at this festival?
  6. Yes, I think that line was over-the-top, but I doubt it was meant literally either. People say things like that all of the time, like: "I'd rather have my eyes poked out with dull needles than read another annoying internet advert." However, I can assure you that, in fact, all of us would, in fact, much prefer reading millions of those annoying, g-dforsaken adverts instead of having our eyes ruthlessly impaled, right? Okay, maybe not the pop ups, those are worth gouging ones own eyes out to avoid, but you get my meaning.....
  7. Hmmm, a little touchy on this topic ehh? Is it perhaps because we all want to take your horn away? I'm sure you can think of something else to play with..... hopefully not at the same venue.
  8. I get this line of thinking but it misses the point. In military training it used to be (and may still be, I'm not sure) that recruits had to make their beds perfectly every morning. The drill srg would supposedly want to be able to bounce a coin off the tensioned covered and have that sucker bounce right back up every time. Now what the hell does making a bed have to do with being a soldier, righ!? It is about attention to detail and excellence. When you start cutting corners you will naturally continue to cut until you lose your edge. So with these soldiers you want these guys to be anal. You want clean, well maintained weapons, ammo, and bodies. Otherwise you go into combat with a weapon prone to failure or as a person prone to sickness. For me the same exact thing applies to these sports BECAUSE they are so well paid. If they were making 15k I would hardly begrudge them a more lackadaisical attitude. But they make millions playing a game. They need to stay in top athletic form, they represent their franchise and league, and most importantly if you as a fan (and the owners of the league) are going to pay them all this money then you want to see top athletes perform. So it comes down to maintains that edge and no letting laziness from one area creep into other even more important areas of your profession. After all, if I want to see schlubs play hockey then I'll strap on some pads...
  9. Such a shame to ruin another career....
  10. Keep in mind the key difference between Daneyko and Greene: On the one hand you have Daneyko, who was one of the first pieces of the puzzle that eventually became what was damn near a dynasty and one of the most successful franchises in the NHL in the '90s and '00s. He helped to raise the Devils from the obscurity of the being perennial losers and stop the franchise from the wandering from place to place looking for fans desperate enough to tolerate the on ice product. Being part of that transformation is quite literally a revolution for this franchise and Daneyko, more than any single player, most signifies the early struggles the franchise went through and the ultimate success the Devils have had. Then you have Greene. He is a very good defenseman. He doesn't miss a lot of games (like Daneyko), he is reliable (like Daneyko), and is a great team player (again like Daneyko). So while I'm not looking to slight Greene, what I see in him is the potential to be the 21st century version of Daneyko but without any of the significance that Daneyko had for the franchise. This isn't Greene's fault it is just the luck of history.
  11. This is absolutely great! I think you've just had the abbreviated version of what happened to me when this all went down. I remember reading about Jefferson/Danton (whatever his name is?) trying to kill Frost and thinking Danton was a flippin' loony. Then when it came out what the dude had been through, what Frost had done, etc., I distinctly recall pulling my judgment back REAL quick. Sort of going from: "dude tried to kill someone, get this loony out of e Devs system" to something like "damn, too bad he didn't finish the job". I hope Danton can rebuild his life.
  12. I think some folks are missing the "lol" and other tongue in cheek internet marks here. Still, I don't get the arguing over the point since what SD is saying is logically correct. What am I missing here?
  13. He should challenge Tiger Woods to a golf grudge match because Woods purchased his grandmother's house while it was being seized by the IRS for non-payment of taxes? Hmmm.... okay, I can see that. Pretty common story really.
  14. I think the idea here is the a solid NHLer should stand out at the AHL level. Maybe "dominate" is too strong a word, but I would expect even a solid NHL third-liner to be pretty much top shelf at his given role in the AHL. Conversely, if you can't stand out in the AHL, you're DOA in the AHL. That's my take about why the previous poster seemed concerned that he Matteau wasn't dominating the AHL. My 1/50 of a dollar.... IOW, I think you both might be saying much the same thing in different ways, but I could be wrong. That happened once in the early '90s, so I'm due.
  15. This brings up a somewhat different issue for me: to what extent are players and other people able to determine whether they can endanger their health even when they know all the risks? This is a good example. So he passes the concussion protocol, he apparently fully "recovered", but then again something was affecting his play toward the end. Was he just slowing down? Or were there lingering concussion issues? If this was concussion related people will cry out against the Devs allowing him to play, but what if he wanted to? I'm not really taking a position here so much as posing a question. It seems morally ambiguous to me. On the one hand, I think everyone has the right to do pretty much whatever they want to themselves, so long as it is done with full knowledge of the repercussions. But then they need to take responsibility. OTOH, i think this argument could be used in some pretty nasty ways. For example, teams could argue that EVERY player chose to continue playing when concussed and ended up with brain damage, while behind the scenes it was more a matter of people being pressured to perform or lose their jobs. That wouldn't be a willing choice IMO, it is coercion. But then you end up putting these decisions in the hands of docs and suddenly you cannot make your own choices, right? I dunno, maybe I am missing something, but any way I can think to look at it this is a nasty situation...Wanted to add my own appreciation for Sal as well. It was great having you as a Devil sir! Another in a wonderful line of gifts bestowed upon our organization by the Blues. If only we could milk that cow a little more....