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  1. Parade! Who Is Going And Where Do

    Muchas gracias!!!
  2. Parade! Who Is Going And Where Do

    Will the parade be shown on TV - if so, what channel? (I WILL BE THERE, BUT WANT TO TAPE IT)
  3. My Thoughts On Jiggy

    Gigguere (Jiggywear?? Who cares who he is?) - If he did not receive something, he would have been crushed...his return to mediocrity will commence on opening day next season
  4. Devils Fans Get Ripped For Booing Giguere

    I thought the MVP went to the player who was outstanding performance wise through all 4 rounds...the media should not have gotten jiggy wid it - Langenbruner, Friesen, or Madden should have had a shot at it
  5. Philly Board

    chechmanek is a horrible playoff goalie (serious lack of save control) - flyers and rangers differ in salary only - otherwise, they both suck and hopefully will never raise Lord Stanley's cup ever again (God willing)
  6. Mental Exhaustion

    I don't know about everyone else, but I sweated every opponent, even Boston, taking nothing for granted. With each round, more stress and worry - I'm glad that it's finally over and THE DEVILS HAVE WON THE CUP!!!!! (What do we do until next season? I'm a sucker for mental anguish.)
  7. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Still up - watching ESPN coverage with Scotty interview - he is so steady and unflappable - a truly deserving Stanley Cup winner and future Hall of Famer
  8. Marty's Better!

    Sorry to mention this, but Marty got his divorce papers after Game 7 win vs Ottowa.
  9. Parade! Who Is Going And Where Do

    '95 parade was cool - a guy went up to Lemieux when he was being driven along and posed with him and the Conn Smythe!!! You won't see that happening again! Please let it be on the weekend.
  10. Did Rupp Get The Puck????

    I hear it's on Ebay...never did like that Rupp...
  11. Abc's Coverage

    Friesen is just going to get better and better, reminds me of Lemieux, but with more scoring finesse
  12. Abc's Coverage

    Chris Berman is pathetic - he spits out hockey facts and he expects us to believe he's a hockey announcer? Talk about stupid...
  13. What Time Will Game Be Replayed?

    did someone say, "oops!!!!"?
  14. Scf Game 7 Thread

    From the look Scott's Mom had on her face, I don't think she'll be staying at his house during the playoffs again...
  15. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Scott was thinking about his brother when he lifted the Cup - brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?